Avoid Sweat Stains With This Handy Wearable Cooler From Japan!

  • Japan is probably one of the countries that will first come to mind when we talk about crazy inventions. The creativity of the Japanese stretches forth to the unimaginable existence of various items just to provide for a specific need that not many would think of.

    Summer in Japan might be almost over for now, but we all know that with the humidity and heat during this season, the majority of the people sweat non-stop like faucets and that’s something we have to carefully pay attention to as we don’t want to bother anyone with the smell.

    Thanks to a brilliant mind, it seems the people living in Japan who are having a hard time staying cool and fresh, avoiding the embarrassing underarm sweat, can now have an alternative solution without the excessive use of towels and change of clothes which certainly take up some time to do.

    The 脇の下クーラー (Waki no Shita Cooler) or Under Armpits Cooler in English produced by Thanko is changing the way we stay cool during the summer season. The Under Armpits Cooler is a wearable mini fan that releases air to keep your underarms dry which you can clip onto your shirt.

    The small device requires the use of two AAA batteries or you can also charge it using the included USB cord to a capable port. The wearable cooler can last up from 5 to 9 hours of use depending on the selectable speeds you prefer to use.

    For those interested to stay cool, the Under Armpits Cooler is available for purchase at 1,780 yen per piece. You can clip the wearable cooler any way you want, whether it be on your shirt’s collar or even near the button area. But I’m sure most of us who sweat would want both underarms dry, right?

    Waki no Shita Cooler on Thanko’s Website (*Japanese only)

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