ATTENTION! The Straw Hat Crew has claimed the symbol of Tokyo!

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  • This is the news for all One piece lovers all over the world (well, even if you are not one, you can still take a peek). So, for the first time in the history of One Piece, a One piece theme park is finally here! Tokyo tower is now the one and only place where you can experience One Piece attractions and live entertainment shows, eat at the themed restaurant, and shop for limited-edition items. It is Tokyo Onepiece Tower now!

    Once upon a time, the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece found a new triangle-shaped island called “Tongari Jima” (Chestnut Island) in Tokyo. This island is in fact Tokyo Tower, and the newly-opened Tokyo One Piece Tower amusement park is filled with games, food, and more, all inspired by Eiichiro Oda’s famous manga.

    Found on the third floor of the iconic Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo One Piece Tower is considered the first theme park to focus solely on One Piece. Another theme park in Ikebukoro’s Sunshine Plaza, J-World, also features One Piece, however, One Piece there looks more like one of the areas, rather than an entire theme park itself, as J-World is also dedicated to Dragon Ball, Gintama, and Naruto and such.

    At the entrance corridor, “The Cave of Memories,” manga panels are projected on the walls. When walked by or touched, various things will occur, including Nami’s tears and the sky behind Usopp colors changing to blue, and Robin’s Flower-Flower powers being shown as shadows on the floor.

    There are cool One Piece sculptures and displays as well as carnival-type games. You can also go inside a Thousands Sunny recreation, watch the live-action stage show that uses projection mapping, or eat some, you guessed it, One Piece themed food.

    Expect various attractions and live entertainment that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world, with absolutely every-little-thing being based on the iconic manga. There are also some restaurants and shops where you can buy limited edition goods. It sounds like it is paradise for fans of the long-running manga and anime series!

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    So, what are you waiting for, guys?! Straw Hat Crew is waiting for you with tons of adventures to offer!