Have a Romantic Night at These 4 Atmospheric Restaurants in Tokyo

  • I think the kind of lighting and the design in a certain space can make or break the way people feel about its atmosphere. If a place has too many white, fluorescent lights – the kind that makes your eyes burn when you stare at them and you see little spots when you look away – your body can’t fully relax even if you think you are.

    I personally believe that the kind of lighting that goes into a room is extremely important. I find myself most relaxed and comfortable in places that are lit with minimal lighting like fairy lights or candles – just like in that one scene from that Disney movie with all the floating candles, or the great hall from the hit wizard movie series of this century. I love having fairy lights in my room and using just those and maybe a desk lamp to light up my work space. During the day, I just use natural lighting from the window to light up my room instead of using any kind of artificial light.

    I feel like finding a space that has the kind of lighting that is calming and comfortable for you is really important. So for those of you who prefer non-traditional lighting like I do, these four cafes and restaurants in Tokyo might be the perfect place for you. (You can also get inspiration for your next room decor.)

    1. and people Jinnan (アンドピープル神南)

    There are two “and people” locations: one in Jinnan and one in Udagawa. The one in Jinnan has become increasingly popular as the interior lighting is similar to the floating lantern scene in the movie Tangled. The lighting, of course, is nice in the daytime but the restaurant takes on a different feel when it gets dark at night.

    The restaurant has an amazing atmosphere with the light bulbs lining the ceiling and they also provide delicious homemade meals with a wide variety ranging from salads to pasta, to pizzas, and to different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

    Another special thing about “and people” is that if you make a reservation beforehand for the birthday or anniversary day plate, they will make a projection mapping computer graphic show on the restaurant’s walls filled with lanterns and lights. This show is limited to only several pairs of people each day so be sure to make reservations early if you want to experience this wonderful display.

    and people Jinnan’s Website

    2. THE GLOBE (ザ・グローブ)

    THE GLOBE is an antique shop and cafe that is located 15 minutes away from Sangen-Jaya station in Tokyo. This rare mixture of an antique shop and a cafe creates a very unique, calm atmosphere in the store itself.

    There are a lot of chandeliers hanging in the cafe space on the first floor, giving the entire room a slightly Alice and Wonderland-esque atmosphere. All of the lighting in this store is extremely unique and just looking at the various designs is enough to make you feel intrigued and relaxed. The interesting thing is that every single object even in the cafe area is on sale and has a price tag attached to it. If you just happen to like the chair you sat on during your meal so much that you would want to take it home, you actually could!

    This cafe offers various menus from full lunch and dinner meals to tea time desserts. They have dishes ranging from traditional Italian menus to dishes from all around the world such as Gaprao rice, chicken curry, and shepherd’s pie. The tea time cake menu is popular with the people who visit this cafe and amongst the most famous sweets are their scones and strawberry shortcakes.

    THE GLOBE’s Website

    3. Kitchen Bar Shin Meguro Chaya (キッチンバー 新目黒茶屋)

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    Kitchen Bar Shin Meguro Chaya is a 5-minute walk from Meguro station and is loved by many Japanese celebrities as a place to host parties and events at. Shin Meguro Chaya provides healthy fusion food made from vegetables brought from various locations in Japan. The interior is decorated with many warm colored lamps along with traditional Japanese Nishijin silk cloth, creating a unique combination of Japanese and Western decor.

    Shin Meguro Chaya’s delicious meals and one-of-a-kind atmosphere drew the attention of celebrities and led to this restaurant to be used as the location for a hit television series in the past. It is also perfect for studying or working because the entire store provides free Wi-Fi and electric sockets at each seat. Shin Meguro Chaya also has all-you-can-drink wine menus for 3,000 yen (only available from 17:00 to 20:00 on weekdays), as well as various types of beer imported from all around the world. Apparently, their curry is extremely delicious so I highly suggest trying it if you have the chance to visit this restaurant!

    Shin Meguro Chaya’s Website

    4. Legato (レガート)

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    Legato is a restaurant and bar located 10 minutes away from Shibuya by walk. They offer various foods from all over the world, as well as traditional Japanese food, making a unique fusion of both Japanese and Western menus. The main concept of this restaurant is a theater so there is a large theater-esque open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant providing entertainment through cooking.

    All of the ingredients used at Legato are carefully picked from various locations all around the globe and the meals are made using cooking techniques and styles from various countries creating a genre of food called “eclectic cuisine.” There are sofa seats available at the window side as well as private rooms and bar lounges which make Legato the perfect place for a date or a celebratory dinner. The lighting in Legato is very mature and calming, and the numerous candle lights and warm colored lighting hanging from the ceiling makes up for a very nice environment that you cannot experience any place else.

    Legato’s Website

    If you have an odd obsession with lighting and need a specific type of it in order to relax like I do, I highly recommend visiting these restaurants and cafes. Not only are their meals wonderful, but I am sure that the way each place is designed and created will be inspirational in your pursuit to create the most relaxing and comfortable space for yourself. I hope this list helps! I am going to go look for some candles to place around my room now.

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