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    Learn the Japanese Language by Watching These 3 Dramas

    Learning Japanese is quite difficult, but of course, there are ways to make it more enjoyable and less stressful. Why not try to study the language by immersing yourself in Japanese dramas? Here is a list of 3 different television series that you can watch in order to familiarize yourself with Japanese.


    “Unstylish Anime Nerd Look” – the New Fashion Trend in Japan!

    Japan, famous for its unique and interesting taste, never fails to amaze us with its fashion trends. If you want to know about this new “unstylish anime nerd look” and the things you’ll need in order to pull it off, check this article out!


    Check the Lights and Sounds at the Summer 2016 Kyoto Light Festival!

    Japanese festivals are one of the things that travelers and locals alike look forward to and the event introduced in this article is no exception. If you love lights and illumination, you’d be happy to know more about this new annual event in Kyoto that started this year.


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    It’s the Small Things: 5 Reasons Why Japan is So Lovable!

    Whether you’re living in Japan, planning to visit, or just simply interested, you ought to know the pros to living in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are 5 of the many, many reasons that you might love the Japan life.


    On a Budget? Save Money and Eat at Japan’s Standing Restaurants!

    For those looking to travel to Japan on a budget and want to know more ways on how to save money during their trip, this article is a perfect read! Have a unique dining experience at one of the standing restaurants in the country for an affordable price that won’t break the bank.


    Visit the Enchanting “Juniko” – The Twelve Lakes of Aomori!

    Japan has a lot of breathtaking nature spots as a whole, but if you look even more closely into its different prefectures, you’d be overwhelmed with the number of attractions available in just a single area. One of those places is Aomori’s Twelve Lakes. Know more about it here!


    Do You Really Need That? Minimalism in Japanese Homes

    Can you imagine living with just the bare necessities of life? The Japanese are already doing it and they are taking minimalism to the extreme. Read more about its concept and practice in Japan in this article.


    Cat Lover? Here Are 4 Neko Atsume Goodies That Are Purr-Fect for You!

    Addicted to the Neko Atsume smartphone game? Then you’d be glad to hear about these 4 Neko Atsume-themed stationery and other goodies that will bring your cat enthusiasm to a whole new level.


    ‘Engrish’: 3 English Mistakes Most Japanese People Make?!

    You probably already have an idea of what “Engrish” is if you have ever been to Japan or if you have read about it online. This article presents 3 of the common, funny English mistakes that most Japanese people make. “Let’s read together!”


    Healthier Cupcakes? Here are 5 Cafes in Tokyo to Grab Your Muffins From!

    If you are looking for a new pastry favorite or just craving for something to munch on, try eating muffins. They are delicious and they are perfect to pair with coffee or tea. Here are 5 places in Tokyo where you can find various kinds of muffins!

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