Take Amazing Pictures of the Famous Shibuya Crossing at These 3 Cafes

  • An experience of walking in Shibuya Scramble Crossing is something every visitor probably wants to do in Japan. As a popular location for movies and media in the country, it is surely a place worth taking pictures of. Instead of fighting your way through the havoc in the center of the intersection, why don’t you take great pictures in these 3 nearby spots instead?

    1. Starbucks Coffee Japan (Shibuya Tsutaya)

    This is probably the best position to take a picture of the crossing from different angles as it gives you the bird’s eye of the whole crowd. In terms of view, this is probably the best Starbucks in the world. The walls of the buildings are made with clear glass with no single obstruction. Since this is a famous spot in the place, securing a table is quite hard or sometimes it largely depends on your luck. A considerable amount of patience is needed if you want to buy a drink and seat comfortably. It is always best to plan ahead and come early.

    Starbucks Coffee Japan Website

    2. L’OCCITANE Cafe

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    Another spot offering a great view is L’OCCITANE Cafe which is actually run by a French cosmetic brand. It is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a building which is greatly accessible from the crossing. The cafe is popular for selling delicious desserts related to its natural beauty concept. Expect your teas to be mostly herbal and cakes to have lots of fruits in them. The cafe’s interior is French-perfect which has a sophisticated appeal suitable for relaxation. No wonder many females visit the place. Most of them grab a seat near the window where they can have a good view of the crossing.

    L’OCCITANE Cafe’s Website

    3. Estacion Cafe

    Estacion Cafe is a lounge area in Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu which offers a panoramic view from a height. It is located on the 5th floor which offers a tranquil atmosphere with high ceiling while viewing the scramble crossing. For a better view of the whole place, it is best to choose the counter seats. The cafe serves delicious food and drinks such as sweets, snacks, tea, beer, wine, and cocktail. It is open daily from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. so you’ll definitely be able to take lots of pictures of the crossing from daytime until night time.

    Estacion Cafe’s Website

    These 3 spots will surely give you an easy access to taking great pictures of the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

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