3 Reasons To Visit Kyoto

  • Have you decided which place to go to on your first trip to Japan? Read the three reason why Kyoto is the best place for all the first-timers and make sure to reserve your trip right away!

    1. Home of 17 Unesco Heritage Sites

    Kyoto has 14 Unesco Heritage Sites and it’s located nearby cities Uji and Otsu, which have 3 more heritage sites. If you are wondering whether it’s really that significant, make sure to see it for yourself. UNESCO Heritage Site means that it the site is of an “outstanding universal value” and a must-visit place for its beauty and cultural significance. So if Kyoto has 14 and its neighboring cities have 3, missing out on visiting Kyoto during your stay in Japan would be a regret.

    2. 2,000 Temples and Shrines

    Though Tokyo is the current capital of Japan, Kyoto wore the crown for over a millennium. It is filled with very significant icons that, despite a millennium worth of wars and fire damages, the city is was constantly restoring. There are about 2,000 temples and shrines around Kyoto and you will never run out of things to see in your itinerary. But what adds to its glamor is that it is a historical monument where past collides with the modern world so when you travel to Kyoto’s shrines and castles, it is like discovering hidden gardens and ancient beauty amidst a modern world.

    3. Where the Only Geisha District in Japan Remains

    One of the reasons to visit Kyoto is to catch a glimpse of Gion, the preserved Geisha district of Japan. Though packed with tourists, the Japanese culture in this area is still apparent. In fact, it is a whole different world where you can find wooden machiya buildings and geishas strutting in their wooden sandals as they visit one teahouse after another.


    Kyoto is the symbol of Japan. It is a well-preserved ancient world with culture so dense there would be no other place in the world which holds the same traditional spirit as Kyoto does. It is not just about thousands of shrines and temples, countless onsens and zen gardens, it is a place for a well-rounded Japanese experience.

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