Feel the Adrenaline With the World’s Longest Roller Coaster in Japan!

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  • When it comes to surprises, Japan never disappoints. From ingenious food designs to over the top tourist attractions, the country just seems to have lots of outside-the-box ideas to show on the table and Steel Dragon 2000 is one of them.

    Steel Dragon 2000

    It’s Japan’s second fastest roller coaster ride (153 km/hr) located at Mie Prefecture’s Nagashima Spa Land, and the current world record holder for the longest track length measuring up to 2,479 meters. The coaster drops its riders at a 68-degree angle from its highest point at 97 meters. This basically feels like you’ve just been vertically dropped on air, plummeting with a speed more than double the legal car speed driving limit! With its jaw-dropping height, you also get the bonus of seeing the amusement park’s full architectural beauty from the top!

    One great thing about being on a roller coaster is that you get to enjoy it with lots of other people either looking for a thrill in heights or just wanting to scare themselves. Steel Dragon sports multiple trains that can carry up to 28 people. So if you’re planning to enjoy this ride with your friends, then might as well decide who gets to sit beside who. Remember, you will be holding hands with whoever is on your right or left as you scream your lungs out for the rest of the ride!


    There are lots of departure points you can be at to reach the place, but we’ll focus on the major cities from which you could catch a ride/flight heading to Nagoya. Have a quick look.

    • From Tokyo – around 1 hour and 40 minutes via Shinkansen
    • From Kyoto – around 40 minutes via Shinkansen
    • From Nara – around 1 hour and 40 minutes via Shinkansen
    • From Osaka – around 55 minutes via Shinkansen
    • From Chubu International Airport – around 50 minutes
    • From Kansai International Airport – around 2 hours

    Once you reach Nagoya station from any of these routes, you can then easily catch a nonstop 50-minute bus ride which will directly bring you to Nagashima Resort. Reminders: ETAs (Expected Time of Arrival) may vary depending on several factors such as technical problems or weather issues. For your convenience, be sure to double check the availability of the ride or flight ahead of time.

    Amusement parks are nothing new, but it’s only in Japan where you get to indulge in this modern, adrenaline-gushing experience with a mall and onsen (hot spring) nearby – all inside Nagashima Resort. So invite your whole gang in the adventure and savor the extreme, speedy flight and drop experience with the Steel Dragon 2000!

    Nagashima Spa Land Website (Downloadable guides in different languages are available.)

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