Relax With Your Whole Family at This Hot Springs Hotel in Gunma

  • Matsumotoro is a popular hotel located on the slopes of Mt. Haruna in Gunma. Its close proximity to a stratovolcano made it a great place to put up open-air baths which are widely enjoyed by people.

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    About the Hotel

    Hotel Matsumotoro is well known for its hot springs coming from two sources: Kogane no Yu and Shirogane no Yu. Kogane no Yu has a brownish-red color due to the iron content found in it thus it has also been called “golden waters.” Shirogane no Yu, on the other hand, looks clear as white in appearance due to its rich mineral content making it also known as “silver waters.” The hotel’s mountainous location provides a satisfying view for guests in a peaceful atmosphere rich in nature and culture. It is so welcoming that everything it offers in the hotel is family-friendly. Services rendered are enjoyed by both young and old visitors which keeps them coming back.

    What is fun in the hotel?


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    The hotel’s family-friendly atmosphere even extends to the culinary dishes it provides. It has included kiddie set meals in its menu to satisfy children’s food cravings. Foods are prepared in homemade styles especially those being served during breakfast and dinner. Full-course meals are available during dinner time in which you can find some of the hotel’s specialty dishes such as steak and sukiyaki.

    The hotel has a total of 51 rooms which are available in four types: Japanese style, Western style, single-bed style, and double-bed style. Guest room amenities include toothbrush, body towel, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, shaving tool, robe, and humidifier. Services include room service, morning call, etc. If you feel like having a private onsen bath, you may do so for a charge of 2,100 yen per head. Day trip bathing is also possible at 1,000 yen.

    For a family-friendly stay with breathtaking views at Hotel Matsumotoro, plan your visit ahead of time. Enjoy delicious dishes and do exciting activities while basking in a natural setting.

    Hotel Matsumotoro Website *Japanese only

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