The 3 Yummiest Types of Donburi

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  • What is Donburi?

    Do you know Donburi? I think Katsu don is slightly famous all over the world. Donburi is one of the Japanese style meals. Donburi is served in a bowl which has rice and meat or seafood commonly. Although the variations of Donburi are countless and these days, many Donburis are getting popular among people of all ages. In this article, I’ll introduce Donburi types to you, and when you go to Japan, I highly recommend that you try them out!


    Kaisen means seafood. So literally, this Donburi contains seafood with rice. However, there are many types of Kaisen-don in Japan especially in the areas by the sea. Some Donburis have a mix of seafood and them and some only have one type of fish. I think both of them are really good!


    Oyako literally means “parent and child”. You would probably ask what do you mean by “parent and child?”. That means that in this Donburi, chicken is served with eggs. And eggs and chickens are children and parents, right? That’s a little bit funny. Anyways, this type of food is called oyako-don in Japan, and I think it tastes great!


    Do you know tempura? Tempura is one of the Japanese traditional dishes which is battered and deep fried seafood, or vegetables. Probably you wii see tempura in Japanese restaurants. In this case “ten” stands for tempura. As you see in the picture the battered and deep fried vegetables and seafood (commonly shrimps) are served on top of rice. It is served with yummy sauce especially for tempura, and this sauce matches rice perfectly!

    So there you go, I introduced three most common types of Donburi that you can find in Japan. Probably you can find those Donburi in sushi restaurants, Donburi restaurants, family restaurants, and many other places. I think Donburis are a really good Japanese food, so when you go to Japan, you should try them out!!