3 Food Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Yokohama

  • Just a few minutes from Tokyo, Yokohama is becoming more popular for visitors due to its growing number of tourist attractions. Why not visit the place where its Cosmo clock Ferris wheel is one of the biggest, its China Town is also one of the biggest, it has zoos and amusement parks, and not to mention the temples and castles historic sites. But aside from these usual activities, Yokohama also offers a food trip experience you should never miss doing. Check these three gastronomic tourist attractions in Yokohama to satisfy your appetite.

    1.Ramen Museum

    The Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum is the world’s biggest food-themed amusement park making it a one stop destination to try every Ramen flavors all over Japan without touring the entire country. It is a cluster of Ramen shops scattered in every part of Japan making the various types and flavors of Ramen more accessible to both tourists and locals. No one will argue that the concept of the amusement park is awesome, the execution of the decors and ambiance is also brilliant. But what makes it more attractive to tourists is it gives thrill to the taste buds.

    2. Cup Noodles Museum

    Fond of the Nissin Cup Noodles? The Cup Noodles is a must-visit place in Yokohama. You may find it boring because of it being a museum instead of a restaurant but once you are in there you will find the tour very informative. But speaking of food trip, do not forget to try the restaurant where you get to choose the ingredients to your very own Cup Noodles Ramen.

    3. Kirin Yokohama Beer Village

    This is not just an ordinary food trip since Kirin Beer Factory is more of a museum than a restaurant but it is a great way to spend a few hours where you get free tour and free beer and snacks to go along with the beer. Non-alcoholic beverages are also served for minor visitors. But you know what? Visiting the factory is more than the drinks, but it would be a great place to taste the malt and smell the hops.


    Do not forget to visit these three food trips when visiting Yokohama. What makes them a must-visit places to eat is its unique attraction, informative tours and of course, the food (or beer) they serve which has been giving us gastronomic pleasures for ages.