Japanese Singer Eri Nobuchika Returns to the Music Scene After 6 Years!

  • After 6 years of hiatus, Eri Nobuchika (信近エリ) is set to release new material to revive her music career. It was recently announced that the songstress will be releasing new songs in November, 2016 under Avex’s Rhythm Zone label. Her last release was way back in 2009 when she released her second album entitled “Hands.”


    Two of her songs, “Lights” and “I Hear The Music In My Soul”, were featured in a PlayStation Portable game called Lumines. With that said, many fans from overseas discovered Eri through that game. Her songs are mainly produced by Shinichi Osawa.


    In 2006, Eri Nobuchika began her hiatus after Shinichi Osawa left Sony and moved to Avex Trax. She had worked with Orange Range’s Naoto for the project named “delofamilia” but was not successful. In 2009, she released a mini album (“Hands”) under an independent label, but unfortunately, the album did not do well too.

    After being gone for several years from the music scene, Eri Nobuchika wants to return with a bang! Needless to say, her fans are very excited about her upcoming new releases.

    Eri Nobuchika’s Official Website (Japanese only)

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