Savor Healthy Goodness at These 3 Vegetarian Restaurants in Osaka

  • Vegetarian restaurants are on the rise in Osaka, the second largest metropolitan area in the country. People are becoming more conscious of food diet that many are actually seeking for real vegetarian meals. Oftentimes, it is difficult to find a restaurant selling such food. To help you fill your tummy with a vegetarian diet, here are 3 of the restaurants in Osaka recommended for you to visit.

    1. Veggie Ramen Yuniwa (べじらーめんゆにわ)


    Veggie Ramen Yuniwa thrives on the principle that ramen doesn’t only rely on chemical seasonings. People can actually enjoy it with the help of vegetables, mushrooms, and other vegan ingredients. They’ve carefully selected the vegetable ingredients in order to bring the enjoyment of umami (flavorful taste for Japanese) to customers. Some of their ramens on the menu include Soy Sauce Veggie Ramen, Salt Veggie Ramen, Tomato Veggie Ramen, Lemon Sesame Ramen, Veggie Oil Soba, and many more – most of which not costing more than a thousand yen! Aside from their veggie ramens, they also have halal dishes available. This restaurant is about 18 minutes away on foot from Kuzuha Station.

    Veggie Ramen Yuniwa’s Website

    2. Paprika Shokudo Vegan (パプリカ食堂ヴィーガン)


    This is probably one of the best vegan restaurants that you can find in Osaka offering some menus in English. They are not only known for quality vegan food but also for friendly and fast service. The restaurant has a warmly lit aura with a chilled atmosphere but is rather quite small where you can find just the right number of tables and seats. It follows the concept of “becoming beautiful by eating and drinking.” Their opening hours start at 11:30 am to 2:00 pm for lunch, and 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm for dinner.

    Paprika Shokudo Vegan’s Website

    3. Green Earth (グリーン アース)


    One of the leading vegetarian restaurants in Osaka is called Green Earth. Its name has been derived from the hidden meanings of “green” and “earth.” “Green” means healing and relaxing, while “earth” means creativity, beauty, love, and listen. It is actually the first vegetarian restaurant that opened in Osaka and has since been making a big name. It is frequented by people who love eating vegetables or need to add vegetables in their diet, those who have allergies, and even those who love counting calories or just simply going on a diet. Their salad dressings and sauces are homemade from vegetable ingredients and their foods are made without the use of Monosodium glutamate (MSG).

    Green Earth’s Website

    These are just some of the affordable places for you to fill your tummies with a vegetarian diet in the city of Osaka. Going vegetarian (even just for a meal) is one of the intelligent ways of eating without adding up bulk while traveling.

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