Pikachu, Is That You? Pokéfans Are Loving This New Pokémon, Mimikyu!

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    Pikachu is like the spokesperson or mascot of Pokémon. It is the most recognizable Pokémon in the series and its popularity is mainly due to it becoming a main character in the anime series. For many years, the team behind the franchise has tried to create other Pokémons that could rival the lovability and popularity of Pikachu, but there is no other Pokémon that could do that. Since people love Pikachu so much, the team had a great idea and thought that the crowd would love a Pokémon that looks similar to it. The result is Mimikyu (ミミッキュ), a Pokémon which seems to be cosplaying as Pikachu.

    Mimikyu was revealed in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro as a Ghost/Fairy type Pokémon. The reason it is covered in cloth is because it does not like the sunlight. What’s cute with this Pokémon is that the cloth is scribbled to resemble the Pikachu. Apparently, the reason for that is because Mimikyu wants to be loved like Pikachu, so it thinks that more people would love it for looking like the famous Pokémon. Aww!

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    The character design and backstory of Mimikyu seems to delight Pokémon fans. It has a heartbreaking yet cute reason to imitate another Pokémon in order to be loved. It may not look cute underneath the cloth, but Mimikyu has garnered a huge fanbase since its unveiling in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro!

    The Internet is currently in love with Mimikyu as evident from the multitude of fan art online. Do check out some of these cute artworks and you will find yourself sympathizing Mimikyu and loving it, too!

    I wonder what Pikachu would think about the Mimikyu when both of them meet each other. Perhaps Pikachu would take pity of Mimikyu and be good friends with it! I bet there are some who are curious about how Mimikyu looks like underneath the cloth, but it may be better to keep it a secret as the magic may be lost after the real Mimikyu is unveiled. Fans are thinking about what Mimikyu would evolve to, perhaps the cloth would change into a Raichu design!

    Mimikyu on the Pokémon Website (Japanese only)

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