Show Off Your Love for Pokémon by Wearing These Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces

  • I bet this isn’t the first time that you’ll hear about Pokémon GO as it is already known worldwide. But just for your knowledge, it is a recently launched location-based augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices. Upon its release in countries such as the US, Australia, and Japan, the game has become an undeniable big hit in a span of just a few days.

    Now along with the current craze of collecting Pokémon, the jewelry lineup U-TREASURE by K.UNO will have you not wanting to catch them all, but will have you wanting to catch that special someone’s heart instead!

    The Pokémon Jewelry lineup consists of 8 exclusive Pokémon designs which include necklaces, wedding bands, and of course, engagement rings featuring some of the characters from the franchise.

    You might fancy giving your special someone the Silver x Gold Pikachu Ring (ピカチュウ リング シルバー×K18イエローゴールド) which has an 18-karat yellow gold Pikachu on top of a silver ring and costs 99,000 yen including tax.

    Or maybe the stunningly beautiful Platinum x Gold Pikachu Solitaire Ring (ピカチュウ ソリティア リング プラチナ×K18イエローゴールド) which has two small 18-karat yellow gold Pikachus facing a diamond of your choice (sold separately) for 120,000 yen including tax.

    If you’d want something dangling from your neck, then you might want the Silver x Gold Pikachu & Monster Ball Necklace (ピカチュウ&モンスターボール ネックレス シルバー×K18イエローゴールド) which has an 18-karat yellow gold Pikachu on top of a stack of silver Pokéballs sold for 38,000 yen including tax.

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    本格的なピカチュウの指輪 販売された・・・ 超ー欲しい!! ゲンガーもあるよ 安っぽいのなら いらないけど この指輪超可愛い♡ 数日前も POKEMON LOVE ITS'DEMO から ネックレス ピカチュウとヘアゴム発売されて 釘付けだったのに〜 最近ポケモングッズも 大人向けに 高級になってきてるんね ピカチュウの結婚指輪かぁ いいなぁ。。 あと数ヶ月早く販売だったら 確実買ったのに・・・ #ピカチュウ指輪 #エンゲージリング #結婚指輪 #ピカチュウ #ゲンガー #ポケモンアクセサリー #ゲンガーリング #婚約指輪 #jewelry #Pokémon

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    But if you would rather prefer something casual to wear on your hand, why not try out a silver Gengar Ring (ゲンガー リング) which is sold for 22,000 yen including tax?

    If you and your partner are fans of Pokémon and are looking for a great and unique way to tie the knot, then this Pokémon Jewelry from U-TREASURE by K.UNO might lead you to the chapel halls! Make sure to check their website (Japanese only) if you want to make a purchase!

    Pokemon Jewelry on U-TREASURE by K.UNO’s Website (Japanese only)

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