Purikura, a must-have photo from Japan!

  • What does Purikura mean?

    Do you like photo booth pictures? Go with your girlfriend/ or boyfriend, and maybe with your friends?
    I recommend you to try the incredible photo booths when you visit Japan. They are called “Purikura” in Japanese.
    “Purikura” consists of two words, “Purinto” which means print and “Kurabu” means club in Japanese. The first purikura machines (developed by Sega) were sold in 1995.

    Photo Booth boom

    Purikura was introduced to Japanese amusement arcades in the mid 90s, why did it become so famous in Japan?
    They became really famous in Japan, because it is really fun, interactive and don’t forget how cute it is!
    Do you know how much Japan loves cute things?
    So there it is! Purikura caters to that love. After you took a photo with purikura machine, you can edit your photo to look even cuter. There are a lot of stickers that you can add to your photo, such as hearts, sparkles, fun sayings, and anything else you can imagine to make your photo look cuter than ever!

    Purikura essentials

    I have had this experience before, when I visited Tokyo last year. And you know what? I found one of the many things that make me laugh! However there are some rules!

    No boys allowed!

    Some purikura places do not allow male-only groups, unless a woman accompanies them. I am not sure why they have a rule like that, but I think it’s quite funny.

    So, I went in with my friends, took some pictures, edited the photos, and etc. What I felt most was how hot it was!
    Photo Booth reminds of a little sauna, I do not why, but I think I got a little too excited about that purikura, and yes it was really fun! The editing tools are also really funny and interesting, that can make you laugh at yourself! I can say that it is one of the really fun experiences when I visited Tokyo.
    So, if you visit Japan, don’t forget to try out Purikura!