Taste Pikachu With This Irresistible Pokémon Noodles from Japan!

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  • Pokémon fans will love this. Ramen fans will love this. Travelers looking for a budget meal will love this. But the question here is, can you dare eat a cup of instant noodles loaded with the iconic Pokémon, Pikachu?

    It’s just too cute to eat! And while the idea of stuffing yourself quickly is why you want to go for instant noodles, seeing those cute little Pika-faces floating alongside the noodles may look too adorable that eating them up may seem like a big NO-NO.

    Well, here’s the good news. You need not hold yourself back for Sapporo Ichiban by Sanyo Foods Co., the creator of this ingenious instant ramen, has loads of supply in store for you. For those outside of Japan, you may now even purchase cups from online shops like eBay and Amazon!

    Two flavors wrapped in cute cup designs

    More flavor options might put you in a complicated spot when it comes to choosing, so it’s with great thanks to Sapporo Ichiban for limiting the choices to just two flavors – seafood and soy broth. Moreover, the packaging is also designed as to easily identify the flavors apart. As seen in the picture above, seafood is the one packed with a cute barrage of tiny Pikachus covering the entire cup. Soy broth, on the other hand, is the cup with a huge, single Pikachu face. However, Sapporo Ichiban often comes out with new limited packaging for the noodles depending on which Pokémon they want to feature at a specific time.

    To complete your Pokémon instant ramen eating experience, the cup lids are also designed to look like Pokéballs along with the colorful instructions on how to prepare the instant treat.

    Can you catch ‘em all? Collect Pokémon stickers!

    Stickers? Right. There are various designs of stickers to unravel and only one sticker is available per cup. Just like its packaging, new collections of stickers are also often released. If you’re lucky enough to get those you actually want, then good for you!

    Let the hunt for Pikachu Kamaboko begin!

    Do you notice those tiny slices of steamed fish cake with the usual red or pink spiral design on them? The Japanese call it “kamaboko” and it’s one of the most popular ramen toppings both in fresh and instant variation. Of course, this Pokémon instant noodles didn’t ditch that off. Only thing is, instead of spirals, you’re bound to see cute Pikachu faces emerge from the pool of noodles and soup! They’re edible, so go hunt all of them and have a blast eating them up!

    A satisfying ‘Pika-snack’ in a hurry

    Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or trying this out of plain curiosity, this Pikachu instant ramen is undeniably an irresistible treat!
    And while its colorful appeal is geared towards children, adult fans of Pokémon have all the right to grab themselves a full box.

    Kids or teens, male or female, locals or tourists, if you’re ready for a Pikachu overload, then go get your Pika-ramen!

    Pokémon Noodles on Sanyo Foods’ Website (Japanese only)

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