Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action, Shinjuku Station and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Tokyo Ghoul Announces Lead Casts in Its Upcoming Live Action Film!

    If you’re an avid fan of the Tokyo Ghoul manga series, then you’d be glad to know that the creator announced its upcoming live-action adaptation. Excited? Well, you’d have to for the release. For now, you can check this article to know who are going to play as your favorite lead characters in the film!


    Untangling the Lines of the World’s Busiest Train Station – Shinjuku

    One of the things that Japan is famous for is its reliable and modern public transportation. Furthermore, the world’s busiest train station can actually be found in Tokyo! Read on to know a few facts on Shinjuku Station. Hope you don’t get too lost if ever you experience this crazy maze of a station!


    Manga-Inspired Uniforms Take Over Real Life Japanese Schools?!

    Think school uniforms in Japanese manga and anime are adorably cute? Have you ever wished that your uniform could look that fashionable? In Japan, there’s an actual high school that plans to use manga-inspired uniforms. Find out more about it here!


    How Effective Could the Kakogawa Junior High School’s Trial Nap Time Be?

    Taking naps is essential, yes? Since it is believed that naps have a positive effect on children, students of a Japanese junior high school requested for a “siesta” to improve their academic performance. Know about it here and find out if it is effective or not.


    Meet Chibatman – Japan’s Own Dark Knight

    When in Japan, always expect the unexpected! Apparently, “Batman” has been seen around the country’s Chiba Prefecture. Don’t believe it? Get to know Japan’s own dark knight and you might just see him around when you visit!


    5 Functional Stationery Souvenirs to Take Home From Japan

    If you are into anything paper and stationery, then Japan could be your perfect heaven for such items. Aside from the cute designs, Japanese stationery are also very functional. You might be overwhelmed with the range of items that the country has to offer, so here are 5 recommendations for you to begin with.


    Too Adorable to Eat? Find These Animal-Themed Manju in Ueno!

    Animal-themed sweets? Yes, please! When it comes to adorable treats that look way too good to eat, look nowhere else, Japan has it all for you! Check this article to know where to buy this cute snack and don’t forget to leave some for your friends, too!


    Ninja Wannabe? Train to Become One at the Ninja Academy in Nara!

    Always dreamed of becoming a ninja? Well, you can now make your dreams come true and learn the essential skills for you to become the next best ninja. Visit this Ninja Academy in Japan’s Nara Prefecture and finally be able to throw a shuriken the right way.


    A Quick Guide on How to Customize Your Starbucks Beverage in Japan

    Whether you frequent Starbucks a lot or not, this guide on how to customize your drinks will prove to be of help especially if you are quite particular when it comes to your coffee. So here are some Japanese words and terms that can make the process of ordering easier. Check them out and you’ll never have to make do with the regular drinks on the menu no more.


    Learn the Art of Bonsai-Making at the Shunkaen Bonsai Museum in Tokyo

    What better way to experience Japanese culture than to immerse yourself in one of its traditional art forms? Bonsai-making could be a great start as it is relaxing and the final output is just too beautiful. Find out the details on how you can learn to make bonsai plants in a Tokyo museum here.

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