The best Hokkaido Festival in Tokyo!

  • Small Hokkaido in the heart of Tokyo

    Have you ever been to Hokkaido? I haven’t been to Hokkaido yet, but to Hokkaido Festival? Yes I have gone there last year, when I was in Tokyo. This photo taken by me when I visited there last year.


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    So, what is the most well known thing about Hokkaido? It’s all about the freshness and high quality seafood, such as crabs, sea urchins, scallops, salmon, salmon roe, herring, cod, octopus, squid, shrimp, abalone, and etc. I have gone to this festival, and I ate the crabs, it really tasted amazingly delicious. Not only that, but the scallops and abalone also taste like heaven. The freshness, and the softness are quite unbelievable.
    Here is the photo of the crabstick, which I ate.


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    What do you think? Do you want to try Hokkaido’s crabstick?
    If you haven’t visited Hokkaido, it is the opportunity you can take to at least feel the Hokkaido’s atmosphere with food and drinks. This Hokkaido Festival is held at Yoyogi Park, and out of all the festivals, that were held there, I can say I really loved this festival more than the others.

    Not only seafood!


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    If you don’t like seafood, don’t worry because they also serve some great meat. There are chicken, pork, and etc.
    I gave meat a try as well, and it also tasted delicious, but as I said before, if you talk about Hokkaido’s food, the first thing is the seafood.
    Not to forget about the best drink with these kinds of foods, beer! They also sell the famous beer from Hokkaido, which is called Sapporo beer, but also have Asahi and other brands. Hokkaido is also well known for it’s beer factories.

    It is normally held in mid-May. If you want to go there, please check their website for the schedule.
    As for the place, it is always at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.
    You can find whatever you need from the festival be it great food or drinks there, give it a try!