Saya no Yu Dokoro: The Most Relaxing Hot Spring in the Middle of Tokyo!

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  • Traveling around Tokyo is very exciting but sometimes it can make you quite tired and eager to relax. If you need to forget about the busy days, hot spring is your best bet. Usually, hot springs are located near the mountains but there are a few places where you could have real onsen experience within Tokyo. And there is one of the best among them, so pack your shower cap and get ready for a hot spring day trip!

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    ☆Would you like to start “have an open relationship” !? ☆ How have you been doing? Today, the last autumn of the Heisei era was starting. It’s a good season to take a hot spring. It was fifty to sixty years ago that “bath” became popular in Japanese houses. We had to go “Sento (public bath)” when there was no “bath” at home. The public bath is a good place where we can communicate with neighbors and learn the manners of children. In Japan, we have had custom called “have an open relationship” since old times. It mean's “We’re all equal when naked so we can deepen our friendship”. For the Japanese people, bathing is not only for cleaning body also for refreshing the mind and soul. Why don’t you get naked and open your mind? I’m sure you can relax and enjoy the feeling of release!! We are waiting for you anytime!! #onsen #hotspring #tokyo #picture #tbt #happy #photooftheday #instagood

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    If you like or are interested in traditional Japanese style, you definitely will love this place. The lovely Japanese tea garden and old style buildings make great atmosphere, and you will forget that you are in Tokyo.

    Of course, here you can enjoy the natural hot springs that are filled non-stop directly from the natural sources located 1,500 meters underground. That will certainly make your body and your mind relax and calm down.

    But don’t forget about the restaurants which serve you different kinds of Japanese traditional food. Make sure not to miss out on their most popular dish,- fresh soba!

    3 things you need to know before bathing in the hot springs

    First thing you need to know is that you have to wash your body and hair before bathing in the hot springs. It is considered rude in Japan if you get into tubs before washing your body and hair.

    Secondly, you are not supposed to bring the towel into the hot springs.

    Lastly, you need to drink plenty of water and take a rest after bathing. When bathing in a hot spring, your body will go through temperature changes and your blood pressure may fluctuate, so make sure to have a solid rest and let your body relax.

    Now, are you ready to go to a hot spring? If you visit one, you will understand why the Japanese love hot springs so much.
    Hope you will enjoy yourself and have great time in an onsen. Have a wonderful trip!

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