Ramen Jiro, 1600 kcal in one bowl

  • Ramen Jiro is not your average ramen

    I can bet all of you know about ramen! I think ramen is eaten all around the world too. But, have you tried this one? Ramen Jiro!
    Ramen Jiro is the most notorious ramens in Japan!
    It also uses broth with shoyu (soy sauce), but what makes it different from the others is that the broth is more of a thin gravy and of course it has a large amount of suspended fat. The noodles are also very thick and chewy, but the color is not really yellow like the regular ramen’s one. Not to forget, there is a lot of cabbage on the top of it.

    Top your ramen with more stuff!

    I have tried it before in Tokyo, and I did not finish it. I can’t finish it really. It mostly tastes like you’re eating fat. The pork slices are also too big and rough for me, and at that time I did not order the one with the cabbage but instead I chose the one with the bean sprouts. As for the additional toppings, you can add separate ones, such as eggs (the raw one/ the boiled one), cheese, curry, or if you want you can even add some extra fat! Yes you can add all of this to your ramen!
    Of course, I cannot guarantee if you’ll like the taste, but I think it is quite interesting to have this kind of experience at least once in your life!

    Finishing this meal is quite a challenge

    That time, I went there with my friends. At first I didn’t know about Ramen Jiro, and my friend recommended me to go eat at that ramen restaurant, he said that it was delicious. So, I went there with my other friends. After we entered the restaurant, I could only find about 3 kinds of menus, and all of those menu foods were big-sized. So I just chose one from that. The ramen came, and I was really speechless at that time. What kind of ramen is this?! LOL! All of us laughed a lot at the shop, and were pretty shocked! Only one of my friends could actually finish the meal.
    At last, I can say that I will not eat this kind of ramen again, just once in a lifetime is ok, to live up to that phrase “You Only Live Once”!
    If you want to have some weird and unique experience in Japan, you should try this dish!