Horikita Maki, Shibuya Crossing and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Horikita Maki and Her Career as an Award-Winning Japanese Actress

    You might have seen or heard about this famous Japanese model/actress from various dramas such as Hana Kimi (花ざかりの君たちへ). If you’re a fan of Horikita Maki (堀北真希), here’s a brief write-up about her career for you to read. If not, then maybe this article can change your mind and earn Maki a great new fan.


    Take Amazing Pictures of the Famous Shibuya Crossing at These 3 Cafes

    Famous for being the “busiest pedestrian crossing in the world,” the Shibuya Crossing (渋谷駅前スクランブル交差点) is definitely on the must-visit lists of travelers. If you are planning to take photos of this crossing but don’t know where to do just that, look no further for this article has you covered!


    Meet the Real-Life Samurai That Inspired Anime Characters!

    Did you know that most of the famous Japanese anime known today are actually inspired by real-life samurai warriors? Know three of them in this article here!


    Show Off Your Love for Sushi With These Mouthwatering Backpacks!

    Whether you love Japanese cuisine or not, you’d be glad to know that you can now wear sushi on your back. Yes, you read that right! After all, they say “you are what you eat.” Find out more about these scrumptious-looking backpacks here.


    Spend the Night in Akihabara at This Capsule Hotel for Men!

    It’s true that Tokyo (東京) can be very expensive. So if you are looking for a place to stay at in the city and would like to have good amenities but still keep things to a budget, this capsule hotel for men is perfect for you! (Sorry, ladies.) Check out more information and room rates in this article.



    Don’t Like Cats? Here Are 5 Dog Cafes in Japan to Visit Instead!

    For the dog lovers out there, the good news is that animal cafes are not limited to just cat cafes anymore. If you are looking for a place to relax and chill with some fur babies, here are five dog cafes in the country that you should consider visiting.


    Defend Your Tatami Territory in Japan’s Pillow Fight Tournament!

    Almost everybody knows how to play pillow fight. But in Japan, they decided to take the whole idea to another level by making an actual tournament out of it. Know more about it in this article and get ready to throw your pillows and fight for your lives!


    Which Anime is the Latest to Get Its Own Live-Action Film Adaptation?

    Guess which anime is getting its own live-action film next? If you guessed Gintama (銀魂), then you are right! Check this article to know more about the adaptation and who will play as Sakata Gintoki (坂田銀時).


    Japanese Sizes Too Small? Here Are 4 Places to Buy Western-Sized Clothes

    The Japanese are known for their small and petite frames especially when compared to people from the West. So if you’re a foreigner or you just don’t belong to the usual Japanese sizes, finding clothes that fit may get a little difficult. But don’t fret for here are four recommended shopping places in Japan where you can buy Western-sized clothes!


    Need Some Tranquillity in Kyoto? Enjoy This Free Top Attraction!

    When in Kyoto (京都), you should not dare miss this relaxing and historic attraction that is the Kyoto National Garden (京都御所). There are a lot of different activities that you and your family or friends can enjoy here. And the best part of it? It’s free! Check this article to know more about it and how to get there.

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