Can You Win the Heart of a ‘Tsundere Girl’ in This New Dating Game App?

  • There are so many dating game applications in Japan that it becomes a difficult task to tell one from the other. This time, developer SEEC Inc. has introduced a different dating game app that will challenge every gamer to win the heart of a tsundere (ツンデレ) girl. With its unusual cast, the dating game is called I Hate You –A Youthful Love Adventure with Beautiful Girls– (あなたの事が嫌いです -青春・美少女・恋愛アドベンチャー).

    Tsundere Girl

    Japanese girls are known to be caring, super cute, and fun, fun, fun. This is not true in all cases, though. There’s also a term for that person who initially starts showing off being hostile or cold but gets warmer as the relationship grows. This character development is called tsundere. This comes from the words “tsun tsun (ツンツン)” which means to turn away from disgust, and “dere dere (デレデレ)” which means to become lovey dovey. This is the character type of the casts being featured in the game. At the start of the game is a warning stating that none of the girls will ever like you and that people who are not mentally resilient should not play this game.

    The Game

    You will be given the option of three school girls to choose from. Whoever you choose, you will still encounter all of them as the game progresses. It is quite hard to fulfill your wish with this as it is not your typical average game. Some say that this feels more realistic as compared to games with girls who praise you immediately after you help them out. Others think it has a lot of verbal abuse though they shouldn’t be taken seriously and should come as sweet nothings such as “Eat dirt!” or “You’re soooo gross!” Though it’s very different from the usual romance games, it is earning quite a reputation among gamers and reviewers. It has a twisted turnout of events and is a real game for those with hardcore emotions.

    Feeling challenged? You can try the game by downloading the app here for iOS or here for Android. (Please note, however, that the app is only available in Japanese.)

    So if you think you have what it takes to let these girls fall in love with you, this game is definitely for you. Prepare for verbal abuses and mental obstacles along the way.

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