Discover Everyday Japan: Truly a Place of Beauty

  • What is your plan?

    If you are planning a trip to Japan or even if you are there, you are probably planning and visiting a lot of famous landmarks and popular tourist spots, as well as perhaps exploring “off the beaten track”. Alongside all the beautiful shrines, landscapes and buildings, Japan can also be enchanting.

    From tiny shrines tucked between office buildings to the everyday life in rural Japan, there are many stunning things to see, which are sometimes more special than visiting larger landmarks.

    It may be that when you are walking from one landmark to another you will spot little bits of everyday Japanese life that is breath-taking and trees growing in any space they can find against the backdrop of stone carvings.

    The above photo is outside the home of a stone carver or stonemason. The raw stones and completed lanterns were a beautiful sight wandering the more residential streets of Western Kyoto.

    Even modern Japanese houses are beautiful, especially nestled against a torii gate with beautiful big trees growing all around.

    The above photo shows Japanese drains on a building’s roof, so simple yet elegant and evocative, everyday Japan is truly a place of beauty.


    Japan is such a safe country to visit, especially compared with other large countries, that it is mostly safe to walk anywhere day or night and, therefore, see bits of the country that perhaps visitors usually do not get to see. Next time you are in Japan, or if you are there now, walk somewhere unexpected and experience Japan as many people do not see it, as a place where millions of people work and live. Surrounded by incredible landscapes and countryside, living alongside structures that have stood for hundreds of years, everyday Japan can be just as stunning as some of the larger spots.

    Get lost next time you are in Japan for a unique view of this country!

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