Why is Japanese Girl Band LAGOON Going to Break Up?

  • Japanese all-girl band LAGOON has just announced their disbandment! The group only made their debut in 2014, so it has not been long since the formation of the band. What happened?

    The Members

    LAGOON is an all-girl pop-rock band made up of 5 girls that was formed in 2014. The band was managed by Stardust Promotion and signed to Sony Records with the aim ‘to support making women’s dreams come true’. The band was led by a Japanese actress named Takimoto Miori (瀧本美織), who also became the vocalist for the band under the stage name MIORI.

    After auditions were conducted to find other female members who came from different walks of life but have the same passion for music, RINO, NANA., yuri, and YUKINO were added to the band. RINO is a mother with one kid who plays the guitar, yuri is a student who plays the drums, NANA. works as a paramedic but plays the bass in the band, and YUKINO works in a café and also plays the keyboard.


    Prior to the band making their debut, videos were uploaded every week on Youtube. In November 2014, the band released its debut single titled ‘Kimi no Matsu Sekai (君の待つ世界)’ that also became the opening theme song for anime ‘Magic Kaito 1412 (まじっく快斗1412)’. In May 2015, the band released its second single ‘KNOCKED-OUT BOY’. In July, RINO left the band for personal reasons and the position of guitarist was taken over by AMI, a high school student.

    Individual Growth

    And now, 1 and 8 months after their debut the news of their disbandment was announced on their official website on the 15th of July, 2016. It was stated that the band was having difficulties coping with their individual occupations and being active in the band at the same time. After having a discussion regarding the individual growth of the members, the members decided to disband.

    It is sad news for the fans, but at least LAGOON has released some songs which fans will cherish forever.

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