Don’t Miss This Perfect Place for Matcha Addicts: nana’s green tea!

  • Nothing can prepare you for the crazy heat and the even more insane humidity that Japanese summers have to offer. Cooling down in the air-conditioned local malls and shops is a great way to escape the heat. It was during one of those times that I discovered one of my favorite places in Japan during the summer – nana’s green tea!

    Matcha (抹茶)

    Now, what’s so great about nana’s green tea you may ask? This place perfectly combines my love for ice cream with the deep flavors of matcha (green tea powder). Once you try their signature matcha ice cream or soft serve cones, I promise you that you will also become a convert.

    Their mission statement is to “deliver green tea, matcha tea, and other fine Japanese food culture and traditions” in the “new Japanese style that suits the lifestyle of modern people”, and boy, do they deliver. They take the fine gastronomical tradition of matcha and green tea and convert it into a warm, inviting place to share this treat. As an added bonus you can also order some simple but delicious typical Japanese meals that make for a perfect lunch.


    While matcha green tea may be the most well-known flavor, my favorite is the hoji-cha or roasted green tea (ほうじ茶). It has a brown color reminiscent of chocolate but has a deep richness in its flavor that only matcha can provide.

    The items on the menu range from simple scoops of ice-cream flavors, to intricate sodas, delectable parfaits, and even cakes and agar-based sweets. As mentioned before, some stores also offer savory items complete with lunch sets featuring onigiri (rice balls) and even udon. There really is something for everyone!

    So if you ever find yourself in Japan make sure to check this place out! They have stores all over Japan, and having tea, dessert or lunch here is a surefire way of beating the muggy and hot summer weather!

    nana’s green tea Website
    *There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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