Amazing Hanami in Kawazu, Izu

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  • Kawazu, Izu Peninsula.


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    Talking about Sakura, I bet all of you know about these majestic flowers. They are also known as cherry blossoms, and is one of the most famous Japan’s symbols.
    Last year, I really wanted to go to see them somewhere special, and I was browsing through a lot of information about the best place in Japan to see them. My Japanese friend said to me, that if you want to go “hanami” (to go to see Sakura in Japanese), you better go to Kawazu, which is located on the Izu Peninsula.
    As a photographer, I also took some photos of those beautiful blossoms!

    After my Japanese friend said it, I went to search it on the web. What I saw on the web was really amazing. The trees across the river are all Sakura trees, and they all bloomed. Back then, I have only seen it on the internet and I really want to go there see them life. I invited all of my friends to go there together, and there we were!


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    Right around then, Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival was happening as well, it is held yearly from early February to March. And just ass I saw on the web earlier, there were endless Sakura trees along the river, I finally saw it for myself, as I was walking through this beautiful scenery. What can I say? There is only one word to describe that: BEAUTIFUL!
    Here is one of the photos taken by me last year, when I visited Kawazu.


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    It is extremely romantic to go there with your girlfriend/ or boyfriend, and spend time together in all of these pink blossoms.

    If you only go there to see Sakura, I think it might be a little bit boring. You also can buy some food, dried snacks, and also souvenirs, such as small kawazakura trees that can be taken home and planted.

    Night illuminations are also held during the festival from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.

    My friend kindly recommended that place to me, and now I highly recommend it to you! Enjoy your first Kawazu Hanami trip if you’re ever around for Sakura season!

    Kawazu Station Access
    Kawazakura Matsuri website*Japanese only