Cosplay as Wally at the Wally Run in Osaka and Aichi This October 2016!

  • Just about everyone has heard of “Where’s Wally?” (ウォーリーを探せ!), which is also known as “Where’s Waldo?” in North America. Interestingly enough, in October 2016, there will be a Where’s Wally? Wally Run (ウォーリーラン) in Japan where you can gather with thousands of people clad in the similar outfit!


    About Where’s Wally?


    Where’s Wally? is quite well known in Japan where it is recognized as “Wo-ri- o sagase!” and is a series of books targeted to children illustrated by Martin Handford. The illustrations in the books feature many people doing their own thing in a given location, and readers are instructed to find a character named Wally. Given that Wally is discernible with his trademark round glasses, bobble hat, and red-and-white striped shirt, it may not seem difficult to find the character. However, there are many characters dressed in similar fashion to Wally and the illustrations of people are pretty tiny, so it may take some time to find the correct Wally.

    Wally Run


    There will be 2 runs that will take place – on the 2nd of October 2016 at Hirakata Park in Osaka (ひらかたパーク, 大阪), and on the 15th of October 2016 at Japan Monkey Park in Aichi (日本モンキーパーク, 愛知). Those who are interested may apply now as applications are currently being accepted.

    While the event is called a run, rest assured all you couch potatoes that you are not required to run at all as it is more like a gathering of people cosplaying as Wally rather than a marathon. Those who take part would be given official Waldo striped shirts, glasses, and hat which are synonymous with the character’s signature outfit.

    For the upcoming 2 runs, the organizers are aiming to achieve 6,000 participants in the Osaka event and 4,000 participants in the Aichi one. The event costs 7,500 yen per entry for junior high school students and above, 4,500 yen for primary school students, and 3,500 yen for preschoolers over 2 years of age.

    If you enjoy cosplaying but do not like the idea of standing out from the crowd so much, then what are you waiting for? Come and join in the fun at the Where’s Wally? Wally Run where you can also meet like-minded people!

    Where’s Wally? Wally Run Website
    Access: Osaka / Aichi

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