Stranded in one of the Airports? These are the Things You can Do!

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  • I am sure that most of you have an experience of waiting for the next flight in the airport. Sometimes the time we have to wait can be so long. What can you do to kill the time and enjoy your transit moment? These are the things that you can do other than visiting lounge or duty free. I am going to give the information about Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Kansai International Airport in Osaka and Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, I hope to give you inspiration for your next flight to Japan.

    1. Narita International Airport

    Kabuki Experience Gallery and Shop

    When you are stranded in this airport, you can visit Kabuki Experience Gallery and Shop which introduces traditional performing art of Kabuki. Enjoy the exhibit which specially produced life sized mannequins adorned in Kabuki costumes, wigs, make up, and store selling the original stuffs and products of Kabuki
    (Location in 3rd floor, central building, terminal 1 from 7.30-20.30 with free admission). Beside that you also can visit Observation desk to see parked aircraft and runway that located at terminal 1, 5th floor and terminal 2, 4th floor. Visitor of the airport also can enjoy massage chair, oxygen bar, nail art at charge.

    2. Kansai International Airport

    From Observation Hall, Kansai Airport

    In this airport you can enjoy refreshment activities in Relaxation Forest and Raffine KIX to get massage and reflexology. It is located at Terminal 1 and Aero plaza 2F at charge. The Observation hall is also available in this airport. The sky view observation hall is closed with ferry terminal. It observation desk offers panoramic view of the airport. You can take shuttle bus from bus stop 1 outside Passenger Terminal Building. Truly recommended to visit this observation hall.

    3. Chubu Centrair International Airport

    The view of Runway Fu No Yu Bathhouse

    When you get a moment to stay in this airport, you can visit The Sky Desk in the top of the center pier that extends towards the runway. This desk has a closest point to the airplanes in Japan. On a fair weather, people can see Mie prefecture as well as ship sailing from this desk. This place is located at Sky Town (4F) and open at 7.00-22.30. Another interesting thing that you can get when stranded in Nagoya is enjoying Bathhouse with a view called “Fu No Yu”. Passengers can enjoy bath time while see the view of airplanes and sunset beyond the Ise Bay. It is also located at Sky Town (4F).

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