Top 5 Greatest Shopping Spots in Japan

  • It is said that 1895 was the year when Japanese department stores began. Department stores have led consumption activities in Japan with their large number of leading brands lined up across diverse genres.
    Because there are relatively many wealthy customers, department stores offer top class services and products.
    By all means enjoy the “Japanese quality” that they have here.


    The main brands that are in this store basically target customers in their late 30s to 40s and older, so the atmosphere is calm.
    Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi boasts the most sales in Japan, and is second-to-none in their assortment of luxury goods.

    Japanese notation:三越


    Because fashion hates routine, and department stores like to differentiate themselves from other stores, this is ideal for those who want to enjoy fashion that differentiates them from other people.
    This is especially so for Isetan Department Store’s flagship store in Shinjuku, which has the second largest sales in Japan. It has opened a men’s building that only provides items for men.
    Most customers range from the young to those in their 50s, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that if you are at a loss, go to Isetan.

    Japanese notation:伊勢丹

    SEIBU hyakkaten

    With a customer base that has a high interest in fashion, what is called the “Seibu of fashion” has a deeply rooted popularity.
    For a department store, it has many inexpensive products, and puts effort into such things as an exhibition of goods made in Hokkaido.

    Japanese notation:西武百貨店


    The building of the Takashimaya Department Store in Nihonbashi has been uniquely designated an important cultural property, and for department stores alone has the most sales in Japan.
    It has a rich assortment of products for everyone, from young people to the elderly, and has products that cannot be found at other department stores. Even for its generic brand, there are many high quality products.

    Japanese notation:高島屋


    The dry goods department store that was born in Osaka.
    With their plans for renewals one after the other, you can see this store’s efforts to not bore customers.
    Just like Takashimaya, they have a rich assortment of products for everyone, from young people to the elderly. Also when creating their stores, they take into account the regional characteristics of each store.

    Japanese notation:大丸

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