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    Crazy for Japanese Actor Shun Oguri? Here Are 6 of His Finest Roles Yet!

    Whether you’re a fan of the great Shun Oguri or just looking for new Japanese dramas and movies to watch, this article is a perfect read for you. Check the most outstanding roles (so far) of talented actor Shun in his various projects here.


    10 Strange Things That the Japanese People Invented!

    Japan is said to be weird at times, and weird is usually interesting. If you’re up to know about the odd things that the country has to offer, you’ll be glad to know that this article lists 10 of the many, many strange Japanese inventions that exist.


    “Oishii! Umai!” Are Japanese People Obsessed With Food?

    Have you ever asked the question “Are Japanese people obsessed with food?” With all the shows on Japan’s national television solely dedicated to food, it is no surprise that you might think that way. Read this article to finally know the truth.


    Which 3 Places To Go To For Free Wifi in Japan?

    Connecting, connecting… Connection lost. Tired of not having reliable Internet access while on the go in Japan? Don’t worry for there is a solution to your problem! Here are 3 places across the country where you can use free Wi-Fi and stay connected. (You’re welcome.)


    ‘Bottoms Up’ at a Rooftop Bar in Asakusa Overlooking the Sensoji Temple!

    A hidden gem exists somewhere near the famous Sensoji Temple that even Asakusa frequenters probably don’t know of… until now. Check out this rooftop bar in the area that has a nice ambiance and atmosphere where you can drink and dine while overlooking a fantastic view.


    3 Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo That Will Not Break the Bank

    Tokyo is known to be an expensive city, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine without emptying your wallet and making a huge dent in your bank account. Here are 3 restaurants in Tokyo that serve excellently delicious food at mid-range prices.


    Get Welcomed by an Owl During Your Stay at the Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo!

    Dog and cat cafes are popular in Japan, yes. But aside from these usual animals and coffee shops, there are also other types of animals in other types of establishments such as an owl hostel. Find out more details about this hostel in Tokyo here.


    Pikachu, Is That You? Pokéfans Are Loving This New Pokémon, Mimikyu!

    Are you a Pokémon fan? Have you heard of the new Pokémon who apparently cosplays as Pikachu? Know more about this kawaii Pocket Monster and why it dresses up as its more famous co-Pokémon here.


    Staying in Tokyo? Check in at the Iconic and Elegant Tokyo Station Hotel

    If you’re staying in Tokyo for your trip, why not complete the whole experience by checking in at this hotel that is exactly located at the Tokyo Station? With its rich heritage and the panoramic views that its rooms offer, you are sure to have a remarkable holiday. Find out more details about the hotel and room rates here.


    Taste 3 of the Best Tasting Sake Locally Brewed in Tokyo!

    They say that to truly enjoy the essence of being in Japan, you have to taste the famous Japanese rice wine or sake. Interestingly, there are several sake brands that are locally brewed in Tokyo. If you’re looking to try some of the best tasting sake, begin with these 3 that are mentioned in this article.

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