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  • Summer package bus tours are being offered by Hato Bus (はとバス) which will be guided by proficient tour guides in English and Chinese to assure guided service to all tour guests. The tours listed below will include a visit to Yokohama (横浜) and some of their tours are only available for a limited time.

    Hato Bus Co., Ltd.


    Hato Bus Co., Ltd. has long been providing tours to famous sightseeing spots in Japan – from historical shrines and temples to the latest spots. Most of the time, buses are guided by people who explain the story of the place making it convenient for passengers. It is probably the best way to go around different sights efficiently. Buses can be enjoyed with an English-speaking guide or a Chinese-speaking guide. Tours are done either full-day or half-day in the morning or in the afternoon. The destination really depends on the travelers. The buses have been around for more than half a century and have been loved both by many local Japanese and foreign tourists.

    1. Yokohama Chinatown & Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Tour

    The Yokohama Chinatown & Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Tour will include a visit to the Yokohama Landmark Tower, Chinatown, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, and the Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside.

    The tour is estimated to start at 9:20 a.m. and end at 6:30 p.m. with lunch included. It will start from the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal going to the Yokohama Landmark Tower which is a popular skyscraper in the business district of Yokohama Minato Mirai 21. It also consists of several shopping malls and offices. The Sky Garden on the 69th floor is the main attraction in this area as it overlooks the city. Lunch will then be held at Canton Hanten, Yokohama Chinatown in Chinese style.

    The next stop would be the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise which is a marine entertainment island consisting of four large aquariums and 15 attractions. It is where you can see 50,000 tails of sardines swimming in the water tank where sharks and stingrays are also floating freely. Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside will be the next on the itinerary list where you will be able to purchase the best selection of high-quality products from branded shops at an affordable price as this is an outlet mall. You’ll be ending the tour at the Marunouchi South Exit of Tokyo Station.

    This package bus tour costs 8,900 yen per adult and 7,900 yen per child (6 to 11 years old). This is a full-day tour which will be guided in English. There’s also a separate tour wherein lunch is not included so you have to provide it for yourself. The plan without the meal costs 6,900 yen per adult and 5,900 yen per child. The schedule of these tours is during Fridays and Sundays.

    Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal Access
    Yokohama Landmark Tower Access
    Yokohama Chinatown Access
    Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Access
    Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside Access
    Tokyo Station Access

    2. Yokohama Seaside Story Tour

    Another full-day tour plan focuses on the town of Yokohama with its charming history and culture. It will include a visit to the Yokohama Sankeien Garden, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, CUPNOODLES MUSEUM, and the Osanbashi Pier.


    The tour will start at 9:20 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. It will start at the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal going to the Yokohama Sankeien Garden which is a vast garden featuring 17 old historic buildings of high value arranged in harmony with seasonal changes. You can also experience tea ceremony here. Next is the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse which is a major tourist spot in Yokohama used as a commercial facility utilizing two historical buildings constructed over a century ago. Next, you will get to experience a 5-minute bay cruise at the Yokohama Bay. Lunch will then be done at Kanifusen where you’ll be having a taste of delicious crabs!

    Next, you will head to the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM which will allow you to enrich your imagination and curiosity. This is also a great place for children. Then you’ll move to the Osanbashi Pier where you can watch everything from afar from the Bay Bridge and see panoramic views of the harbor. This is actually a romantic moment you can enjoy. You’ll end the tour at the Marunouchi South Exit of Tokyo Station. The tour costs 9,800 yen per adult and 8,800 yen per child. The tour is being conducted in the English language. The schedule is during Mondays and Thursdays until December 26, 2016.

    Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal Access
    Yokohama Sankeien Garden Access
    Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Access
    Osanbashi Pier Access
    Tokyo Station Access

    For both tours, return time may be delayed for 2 to 3 hours depending on road conditions. The routes may also be changed if the situation calls for it such as traffic conditions or weather conditions. Please also note that these require a minimum of 5 participants so if the date that you choose happen to have less than the number of participants needed, the tour may not push through.

    Hurry and schedule your getaway with these package tours to have an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture and history. These courses will give you a breathtaking view of famous sightseeing spots without spending too much time and money.

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