The Drop of Gold, Or how to Make O–Cha Like a Pro

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    Green tea is a staple drink of Japanese culture. The only difference between it and the ever-popular English tea is the amount of oxidation the leaves go through. The minimal exposure to oxidation the green tea leaves receives results in the yumminess that is Japanese Tea. Apparently I have been making it wrong my whole life! There is a 3 step process to making green tea correctly.

    3 essential steps to make perfect green tea
    1. 1. Water measurement – fill the # of tea cups with water to get the exact amount you want from each brew cycle, then pour the contents into a pot
    2. 2. Water temperature – most people usually just boil the water and pour over the tea leaves. This is definitely a no-no. The perfect brew depends on the temperature and water quality. Usually the best water to use is mineral water NOT tap water. Bring the water in the pot to a simmer – approximately 90 degrees Celcius. This is still too hot for optimum flavor. The trick is to pour the water into a large empty cup. This brings the water temperature down to 85 degrees, from there you pour it into your tea pot bringing it down to the perfect 75-80 degrees (depending on the type of green tea you are using)
    3. 3. Measure the amount of tea leaves/powder and put into the pot. The perfect steeping time is no more than 30 seconds. After infusing, pour the tea into a cup for each person. Fill the cups from left to right, only pouring a small amount at each pass to prevent flavor differences in the cups. The last drop poured out is called the golden drop and has the richest flavor and is thus the most prized.


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    The health benefits of green tea include catching Vitamins C, B2, E, GABA, theanine, fluoride and can range from reducing body fat to decreasing cholesterol/sugar levels and stimulating metabolism, that is to name a few. So brew the perfect cup! Your body will thank you for it!