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    Attack on Titan Fans, the Long Wait for Season 2 Is Finally Almost Over!

    Are you one of those Attack on Titan fans that have been dying for the second season of the anime? Well, the wait is almost over! Check this article for more information about the Attack on Titan franchise and the complete details on the season 2 release.


    ‘A Silent Voice’ – a Japanese Anime Made to Accommodate the Deaf

    Have you ever seen a Japanese animation featuring a deaf character? In Japan, a recently released film based on a manga was made to specially accommodate the deaf. Find out more information about its plot and screening schedule here.


    Think You’re Brave Enough? Try These 3 Haunted Attractions in Japan!

    If you are well into scaring yourself and making your heart skip a beat by watching horror movies or going into haunted attractions, then this article is definitely for you. Listed here are three haunted attractions in Japan that you should try if you dare disturb the spirits from another realm.


    10 Things to Do That Will Make Your Trip to Hiroshima Worthwhile!

    Whether you’re planning a trip to Hiroshima soon or you’re just really keen to know the must-visits and must-dos in the place, here are 10 things to do to make the most out of the city. From spots to visit, to foods to try and activities to do, you surely won’t run out of boxes to tick off your list!


    Admire the Beauty of Japanese Nature at This Garden in Takamatsu

    Japanese nature is undeniably one of the most beautiful sceneries anyone can ever get the experience of witnessing. And in this historical garden in Takamatsu City, your eyes will be pleasantly satisfied with its beauty and your soul of its relaxing atmosphere.


    5 Places in Tokyo to Satisfy Your Pancake Craving

    Who doesn’t love some homemade fluffy pancakes for breakfast? We know we do! If you don’t have the time to make your own at home or just really looking for places that specialize in pancakes, look no further. This article gives you 5 spots in Tokyo where you can fulfill your craving for pancakes.


    Anime ‘Laughing Under the Clouds’ Goes Live-Action Film!

    Yes, otakus! Another manga series has announced its upcoming live-action film adaptation. Excited? Find out who will play as the protagonist and more about its release in this article here.


    Relive the Past by Visiting These 4 Historic Places in the Kansai Region

    With Japan’s rich history and culture, one will always be left in awe and amazement when traveling throughout the country. If you happen to be in the Kansai region, this article provides you a list of the top places where you can relive Japan’s past. Go check them out!


    Wanna Experience Japan in Less Than 2 Hours? Take This Tour!

    When coming to Japan, most tourists only allot a few days for their trip and aren’t able to make the most out of their visit. If you don’t want to be one of them and you want to experience Japan through your stomach as much as you can, you should consider taking the tour mentioned in this article here.


    Heard of Black Chicken Sashimi? Know About Kagoshima’s Black Trio!

    Have you ever heard of black chicken sashimi? Apparently, it’s part of Kagoshima City’s so-called “Black Trio.” Continue reading this article to know more about them and see for yourself if they really are as good as they are claimed to be.

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