3 Recommended Street Snacks on Takeshita Street!

  • Enjoy Takeshita dori’s casual food!

    As you know, Harajuku is one of the most popular places for young people to hang out in Tokyo. Takeshita dori street near Harajuku is one of the most popular places in that area. Takeshita dori is located in front of Harajuku station. There are many shops, and many interesting things to do there, and that’s why Takeshita dori got more popular than any other place. Probably you would normally go to Harajuku for some shopping shopping, however, there are many interesting foods that you can find in there. I hope that you will enjoy those foods and your Takeshita dori trip will be even better!

    Takeshita Street Access

    Marion crepes

    Do you like crepes? I think crepes are getting extremely popular in Japan these days. Crepes are the desserts. Fruit, ice cream, whipped cream and other sweets are wrapped with thin crepe. There are many kinds of crepes, and I bet it won’t be easy to decide which one you want! You can get it from one of the stands or cafes and enjoy it while strolling through the market street!

    Crepe Marion website *Japanese only


    Bakudan-yaki is one of the most popular meals in Takeshita dori. Bakunin means bomb, and Yaki means baked. So… What is baked bomb!? Don’t worry, it’s just an expression. Bakudan-yaki looks like a single ball resembling a bomb, and inside of it, there are many fillings, cheese, eggs, ham, cabbage, and other products. You will be quite full with just one Bakudan-yaki!

    Bakudan-yaki website *Japanese only


    Calbee is a name of a famous Japanese snack producing company. There is an interesting calbee shop on Takeshita dori! The shop is called Calbee plus. You can create your own snacks such as chips. As the photo shows, you can even put some chocolate on your chips! There are several kinds of snacks and flavors, and you can combine them. Then, your own snacks are ready to be eaten!

    Calbee plus website *Japanese only

    So here you are, I introduced three casual dishes that you can find on Takeshita dori street to you. Takeshita dori is mostly a place for shopping, but as you want to take a break from shopping, it would be a shame do to so without trying these snacks. Of course you might find other cafes that serve original snacks on Takeshita street. I am sure you will enjoy these foods and your trip will be splendid!

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