Fan of Arashi’s Ninomiya? Did you know he’s Getting Married?!

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  • The well-known member of the highly successful Japanese boy band Arashi(嵐), Kazunari Ninomiya, is the first one in the band to officially get married!
    The happy news are legit, as it was announced by Arashi’s managing agency yesterday (November 12th, 2019).

    The idol from the uber-popular J-pop group and his agency did not disclose the name and identity of the wife-to be at first, but it came out that it is Ito Ayako, a former announcer. The couple reportedly had met back in 2012 and even appeared on a TV show together in 2014, but their romantic relationship was not common public knowledge. It is reported they had a long and steady relationship, living together since 2016.

    Many fans are surprised, and the majority are posting congratulatory messages on social media. However, knowing the hard and controlled life of idol group members in the industry (not only in Japan, but in pop-culture worldwide), it is no surprise that private relationships are kept in secret. The industry is rife with bad practices of agencies even prohibiting all private relationships, to make their idols (regardless of gender) appear single and more desirable.

    Kazunari Ninomiya is setting a good example for the industry, being the first of the popular band to officially tie the knot. The agency also confirmed that the other members in the all-male idol group are in serious relationships.

    Here is his handwritten letter announcing Nino’s marriage.

    Ninomiya states that the decision was not sudden and that they have been thinking about marriage for some time. He hopes the fans will keep supporting him, as he plans to keep going forward with his idol group career as usual.

    The band has had loving fans support them for 20 years now, having debuted in 1999, and they are hoping the fans will be happy for Ninomiya’s big news. So far, there are overwhelming congratulations, but mixed in with the more toxic and jealous fans who are unhappy with the development.

    Bottom line, many fans have been pointing out this honesty and sharing life milestones with fans is why Arashi is special to them.

    Arashi just finished their big tour on November 11th 2019, and will be taking a hiatus until 2020.


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