Crazy for Curry? Here Are 5 Curry Restaurants in Shibuya

  • Thanks to the fact that Tokyo attracts many people from around the world, there is also a great collection of people from countries that have curry as their popular national dish. Naan and curry (not the Japanese kind) are almost impossible to recreate in average Japanese households so I love going out to find new restaurants to eat curry and especially naan. If there are any curry lovers out there like me, here is a list of 5 curry restaurants that you can find in Shibuya (渋谷).

    1. TOMBOY 106 (トムボーイ 106)


    TOMBOY 106 is an Indian restaurant that serves proper Indian food. Their curry and naan are one of a kind.


    Their most popular menu is their Rich Butter Chicken Curry Set (リッチバターチキンカレーセット) with a naan that is filled with cheese. The naan goes perfectly with their sweet and spicy butter chicken curry. Also, if you are a student, you can get 100 yen off your order during lunch time if you show some kind of identification that proves your student status.

    TOMBOY 106 Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    2. AVATAR (アヴァタール)

    The name of this restaurant may be slightly misleading but this is a curry shop located in Shibuya, a bit displaced from the area right around the station. This homely restaurant is known for their delicious naan that is unparalleled anywhere else.

    AVATAR Website

    3. Kantipur (カンティプール)

    東京都渋谷区渋谷駅西口から246を渡ってちょっと歩いたところにあるカンティプールでダルバート@1480円。 訳あって15:00くらいに渋谷駅付近で昼食をとることになり、こんな中途半端な時間に空いているところは…と探したところ当店がヒットしたので入店しました。 提供されたダルバートはとても彩りが良く丁寧な盛り付け。 タルカリとアチャールは濃い目の味付け、ダルスープは薄めというメリハリの利いた味付けで美味しいです。 #東京 #渋谷区 #渋谷 #渋谷駅 #カレー #curry #ネパール料理 #ネパール #カンティプール #ダルバート #ダルスープ #タルカリ #アチャール #ミールス #ターリー

    Shinichi.S(@ofsalt)分享的貼文 於 張貼

    Kantipur is a Nepalese and Tandoori restaurant and their mild and creamy yet perfectly spicy curry is extremely popular. Their mutton curry is one of the most popular menus.

    Kantipur Website

    4. Samrat Curry Plaza (サムラート カレープラザ)

    The one main reason you should definitely go to Samrat Curry Plaza is… they offer ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT naan and rice. I don’t understand why anyone would need other reasons to visit this restaurant, but their curry is amazing and their butter chicken curry is a crowd favorite.

    Samrat Curry Plaza Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    5. MANDALA (マンダラ)

    The last restaurant I would like to introduce is MANDALA, a Nepalese restaurant and bar.

    The lunch curry plates at MANDALA are available at an average of 890 yen and again, with ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT naan. (I’m sorry, but I firmly believe that all-you-can-eat naan is the best thing in the world.) The naan here is also very popular due to its fluffy, chewy texture and amazing flavor.

    MANDALA Website

    If you appreciate delicious curry and naan like I do, I highly suggest visiting one, if not all, of these restaurants. And if you are anywhere near the Shibuya area, I highly recommend visiting all of these places if you have the chance. You might just meet your new favorite curry restaurant!

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