Japanese beaches you must visit this summer!

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  • Don’t have a plan for this coming summer? Confused where you should go to spend your summer vacations? Worry no more, here are two gorgeous places that you must visit!

    1. Shirahama, Wakayama

    Shirahama consists of two words, “Shira”, which means white, and “hama”, which means sea shore in Japanese. From those terms, we can already guess what the beach looks like. White seashore, seems beautiful, but is it as beautiful as you think? Oh, it definitely is!

    Shirahama is a town in Nishimuro district, Wakayama Prefecture. It is known that the beach’s sands are imported from Australia. Actually, the most well known part of Shirahama is their hot springs. I can say this place would be best to visit during summer. Not only that, but there are also fireworks held almost every week of summer at night that you can see from the beach.


    2. Okuma Beach, Okinawa

    This beach is located in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa is separated by the ocean from the mainland of Japan, but if you go to Okinawa, I think it will be such a great trip too. This beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Okinawa, the resort is spread out and the beach stretches over a kilometer along the coast. You also can do plenty of water sports or water activities there. Why I recommend this beach is mainly because of the nature, you can have some really wonderful views from the beach!
    Not only sand color is great on Okuma, but the color of the sea is also heavenly!


    If you still don’t have any plans for this upcoming summer, I recommend you to visit Japan, and spend your time on one of these gorgeous beaches!
    Have a great Summer!