Colorful Japanese Vehicles That Will Make Your Car Look Like a Rusty Can

  • Itasha Trend

    Have you had a chance to see colourful Japanese cars covered in characters? Well, that is what they call “Itasha” (痛車). These cars can easily be found in big city centres, mostly in otaku’s main areas such as Akihabara (Tokyo), Nippponbashi (Osaka), and Osu (Nagoya).
    Word “Itasha” comes from Japanese for “Italian car” (‘Itaria-sha’ – イタリア車) which then it evolved into slang expression “Itasha”.
    Characters painted on the car, usually come from anime, games or vocaloid software, depending on owner’s personal favourites. Majority of the characters are “moe” or something that people call good-looking. Some of them are scary with blood and horror motifs.

    Colorful Itasha with Nishikino Maki from anime School Idol Project on MAZDA RX8. Red-colored neon under body car makes it even cooler.
    A K-ON Itasha found in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture on March 29, 2015. This car was discovered at the parking lot.
    Itasha on a vehicle-mounted base station with Ore no Imoto print.

    Today, Itashas are not only limited to exterior art, they also have modified accessories. Some people also change their car interior, so they can see the characters when driving.

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    Mirai Airlines of Culture Japan airlines.

    You should know that “Itasha” only stands for a car. Different vehicles have different names. For example a motorcycle is called “Itansha” (痛単車) and bicycles are called “Itachari” (痛チャリ). Today this artsy trend can be applied to a lot of stuff, it also looks great on airplanes, or “Itahikoki”.

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