Burn baby burn (aka Burnt Ramen)

  • Forget what you think you know about ramen


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    One cannot have a complete culinary tour of Japan without trying the ramen. It’s easily regarded as one of the must have dishes to try while in Japan. This is definitely not the kind you find in a cup. To the uninitiated it’s hard to describe the huge difference between what they think they know of ramen from a cup to the amazing bowlful that is legitimate ramen. The choices alone are mind-blowing. From pork, chicken, beef and even mushroom base to the plethora of topping choices ranging from egg, fish cake, pork, garlic, seaweed to name a few, there is literally something for everyone. However, of all the myriad of flavors, textures and shops nothing tops the shock value of seeing a big bowl of steaming black broth. It’s something straight out of a horror movie. Despite it’s look, it actually tastes surprisingly good!

    Burnt Shoyu Ramen


    The ramen gets its signature dark color from literally burning the fat at more than 100 degrees giving it a distinctive flavor and keeping the broth warm with every mouthful. The open space design of the restaurant lets you have a front row to all the flaming action – with flames seemingly going straight to the heavens!
    Nothing like the sweet smell of burning fat!

    One cannot leave without trying their signature Koshagi (burnt miso) ramen. Oiishi desu!!


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    Their menu also has very good gyozas and karage with all you can drink tea served table side. Is a must try at least once while in Japan. The open concept design allows you have family style seating with it’s long tables, a rare find in the usual small cramped style of ramen restaurants especially in Tokyo.

    Very easy to find being right across the street from Hardy Baracks military base in the Tokyo Midtown area. Not to mention the lines of salary men in suits during lunch time. Happy eating – Itadakimasu!

    Nishiazabu Gogyo Access
    Gogyo Ramen website *Japanese only