Gachapon, a vending machine that runs on luck!

  • Being exasperated when playing a game or doing something that needs luck is a usual thing that happens to us. But, when that luck comes, a delightful feeling calms us down. One of those games is Gacha. Gacha is short term from word gachapon referring to vending machine that will give you capsules with toys when you insert a coin. Gachapon itself comes from a word “Gacha” that refers to cranking sound inside the vending machine, and “pon” refers to sound when the capsule pops out.

    Akihabara Gachapon Hall – Holy Land of Gachapon! A amusement park where everyone from children to adults can play gachapon. There are more than 430 Gachapon units with various rewards inside.


    There are various systems of gacha, usually it costs 200 yen for each attempt. To use this vending machine is easy, you just insert the coin then press the button located under the coin slot and spin.

    Rare Gacha

    Gacha capsules have different colors depend on how rare they are, but some gachas have random colours, so the player doesn’t know how rare they actually are. The ratio also depends on each machine, for example this gacha vending machine has 19 (normal) : 1 (rare).

    Video Games

    Gacha concept applied in smartphone game Valkyrie Crusade.


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    Gachapon has been inspiring people to adapt it into video games. One of the games that use this concept it Valkyrie Crusade. Player uses ticket that can be purchase with real money or get it in a game event while playing gachapon.

    Gachapon inspired slots in video games are normally used in 2 ways. First, the percentage of item that player can obtain has been set by system, when player plays gacha and gets normal item system automatically increases percentage for rare item until the player gets the rare one and it will be reset to default. Second, the percentage is set in static condition, so it won’t change even if the player gets gacha.

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