Yet Another Crazy Japanese Innovation – a Sake Vending Machine!

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  • As you probably already know, Japan has a lot of weird and interesting innovations which includes a variety of out-of-this-world vending machines. Some of the most bizarre and craziest ones include the banana vending machine, the rice vending machine, and the egg vending machine. With that said, how would you react if a sake vending machine was to be invented? More so, imagine a sake vending machine that offers 92 different kinds of sake. Believe it or not, such a thing exists. And where else other than Japan! This place is definitely the ultimate heaven for travelers (or locals) who would love to experience Japan by drinking its famous rice wine. Come and see what this sake vending machine is all about and what it has in store for you!

    Japanese Rice Wine

    Before anything else, let’s discuss the basics of sake first. Sake is a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting rice and is often drunk during special events and celebrations as practiced from the ancient times. These days, many Japanese enjoy drinking sake in their daily lives. In Japan, “sake” refers to alcohol in general, while the Japanese rice wine is referred to as “nihonshu.”

    Sake Vending Machines – Sake Heaven

    Today, we are going to show you a funny video of British Chris Broad’s sake vending machine experience!


    As Chris arrives at the sake vending machine place, he makes a funny face. Can you tell if he’s excited or what?

    He is joined by his friends, namely…


    “A boy with hair,”


    “a girl with a face,”


    and Roy, a local from Niigata (新潟).


    Surrounded by 92 different kinds of sake, the experience can be both overwhelming and exciting as you get to try sakes of different quality for just the same price.


    If you don’t know where to start, the ranking board of the top 10 most popular sake might be of help.

    Chris and friends start their sake tasting marathon:




    Are you enjoying their reactions as much as we are?


    There are also 100 kinds of salt available to accompany your sake tasting that will help neutralize all the alcohol you’re drinking.


    Look at “a boy with hair”’s reaction after trying out one of the salts.


    And introducing the cucumber which made an appearance all throughout the video!




    The cucumber definitely appeared more than five times. Try to count it by yourself.

    And of course, as expected, after consuming a few (or several) cups of sake, things like this are bound to happen…


    Apparently after just two cups of sake, “a girl with a face” got too amused by the bird on the vending machine insisting that “It’s a bird. It’s a bird.” Yes, we can see that it’s a bird. Or is it?


    Ponshukan Sake and Rice Museum (ぽんしゅ館)


    So where can you find this sake vending machine that has 92 varieties of sake? In the Ponshukan Sake and Rice Museum located at the Echigo-Yuzawa Station (越後湯沢駅) in Niigata. Niigata Prefecture (新潟県) is in the northern part of Japan and is home to some of the best rice in the country. You can also bathe in sake and try the bakudan onigiri (giant rice ball) in this museum.

    So if you want to try different kinds of sake all in one go, or just experience one of the many crazy Japanese vending machines, head on to this place in Japan! Bring along your friends and family (or whoever you want to see drunk). Just don’t forget to consume only what you can take and don’t get too drunk. Kanpai and happy drinking!

    Ponshukan Website *Japanese only

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