Who Is This Japanese Actor Who Starred in 9 Films and 2 Dramas in 2016?

  • Those who say that “Yamazaki Kento is everywhere!” or “Fukushi Sota is everywhere!” probably haven’t heard of Masaki Suda. In 2016 alone, Masaki starred in 9 films. That’s more than the 8 films that Sometani Shota did in 2015.

    Masaki Suda

    Masaki Suda, whose real name is Sugo Taisho, is born on February 21, 1993 and is from Osaka Prefecture. Before signing up with TOP COAT Agency, he tried out for both Amuse Inc.’s 30th-anniversary contest and the JUNON SUPERBOY CONTEST. He made his acting debut in Kamen Rider W and is the youngest Kamen Rider to date since he was only 16 years old when he played Philip in the said television series.

    In 2016’s Kinema Junpo No. 1722, Masaki was the magazine cover for its feature of “50 actors under 30 to look out for.”


    1. Pink and Gray (January 2016)

    Pink and Gray is a suspense story about the death of a popular actor, Rengo Shiraki, played by real-life idol Nakajima Yuto. Masaki Suda plays Daiki Kawata, the unpopular actor who stepped into the limelight following his friend’s mysterious death. The movie is based on “Pinku to Gure,” a novel published by Shigeaki Kato, a member of the boy band NEWS. Popular Johnny’s Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo have previously been members of this band, too.

    2. Lost and Found (March 2016)

    Also known as Hoshigaoka Wonderland, the movie stars Tomoya Nakamura as Atsuto Seo, a man who works at a train station’s lost and found section. His life changed upon learning about his mother’s mysterious death at Hoshigaoka Wonderland, an amusement park they have once visited together before she abandoned him. Masaki Suda as Atsuto’s half-brother, Yuya Kiyokawa, excels in conveying the sorrow of one of the family members the mom has left behind.

    3. Assassination Classroom: Graduation (March 2016)

    Following the success of the blockbuster hit Assassination Classroom live-action released in 2015, Masaki Suda reprised his popular role, Akabane Karma. One of Koro Sensei’s students from Class 3-E, red-haired Karma is known for his fighting skills and rebellious attitude. He is one of the most intelligent students in Kunugigaoka Junior High School but he prefers assassination more than the usual school work.

    4. Distraction Babies (May 2016)

    Masaki Suda is in for some acting showdown with 2004 Cannes Film Festival Best Actor, Yuya Yagira. The movie is about Taira and Shota Ashihara, brothers who live in a small seaport town called Mitsuhama. The older brother, Taira (Yuya Yagira), often gets into a fight until he eventually decided to leave town. The younger brother, Shota (Nijiro Murakami), left the town soon after to find his brother. Masaki Suda plays another bad boy character, Yuya Kitahara, who gets into a lot of street fights together with Taira.

    5. Double Life (June 2016)

    Masaki Suda plays boyfriend, Takuya, to actress Mugi Kadowaki’s stalker character named Tama. Double Life is Mugi Kadowaki’s first lead role in a film and is also the directorial debut of Yoshiyuki Kishi. The movie centers around Tama, a psychology student who realized that learning about other people’s lives might just become easier if she tails one specific person instead. Her neighbor, Ishizaka, is the perfect target and Tama eventually enjoys the thrill of chasing and unraveling dark secrets of this seemingly perfect family man.

    6. Setoutsumi (July 2016)

    Masaki Suda plays one-half of the title character with another outstanding young actor, Sosuke Ikematsu. Based on the manga “Setoutsumi” by Kazuya Konomoto, the movie features the comic after-school conversations between two students, Seto and Utsumi. Interestingly, the characters speak in Kansai-ben (Kansai dialect) and the film as a whole gives off a lot of Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi’s deadpan humor since it’s directed by the same person, Tatsushi Omori.

    7. Nanimono (October 2016)

    This film is based on the 148th Naoki Prize-winning novel “Nanimono (Somebody)” by Ryo Asai. Masaki Suda is included in the movie’s all-star cast which includes Rurouni Kenshin’s Sato Takeru, Strobe Edge’s Kasumi Arimura, Himizu’s Fumi Nikaido, Himitsu The Top Secret’s Masaki Okada, and Ushijima the Loan Shark’s Takayuki Yamada.

    Both former Kamen Riders Sato Takeru and Masaki Suda play roommates, Takuto Ninomiya and Kotaro Kamiya. The story is about these university graduates and their exchange of job hunting information via the social networking site Twitter.

    8. Death Note: Light Up the NEW World (October 2016)

    In celebration of Death Note’s anniversary, Death Note: Light Up the NEW World takes place 10 years after the events of the previous films. It’s a three-way clash between its equally popular leads playing the three main characters who are fighting over the 6 death notes scattered in the human world. Masahiro Higashide plays a special task force member, Sosuke Ikematsu inherited L’s DNA and is also a renowned detective, and Masaki Suda plays cyber-terrorist and Kira worshipper Yuki Shien.

    9. Oboreru Knife (November 2016)

    Also known as Drowning Love or The Knife That Dropped in Water, this film is based on the slice-of-life shojo manga of the same title by George Asakura. Beautiful magazine model Natsume Mochizuki, played by Nana Komatsu, has to relocate with her family from Tokyo to the fictional town of Ukigumo. There, she meets and gets mystically attracted to the heir of a wealthy family, Koichiro Hasegawa played by Masaki Suda. More than just the typical rich bad boy shojo lead, Suda’s real-life magnetic personality is just as bright as this captivating character. The movie will be released on November 5, 2016.

    Drama Series

    Aside from doing consecutive films, Masaki Suda also had time to star in different television drama series.

    1. Love Song (April 2016)

    Masaki Suda brings on the “second lead syndrome” in this Fuji TV drama as Soraichi Amano, a young man who has one-sided affection for his childhood best friend, Sakura Sano. Sakura Fujiwara stars in her first drama as the stuttering female protagonist who possesses amazing vocals, thus reigniting Kohei Kamishiro (Masaharu Fukuyama)’s passion in music.

    2. Pretty Proofreader (October 2016)

    Ishihara Satomi and Masaki Suda’s new workplace drama has just started airing. Based on the novel “Koetsu Girl” by Ayako Miyagi, Satomi plays Etsuko Kono, an aspiring fashion editor who is assigned to the least glamorous magazine department: proofreading. But this does not hinder her from being the conscientious, hardworking, and trendy worker that she just naturally is. Her feelings toward Masaki Suda’s character, Yukito Orihara, will develop as the two of them work together.

    All these accomplishments prove that 2016 is indeed the year of Masaki Suda. He’s doing a lot of projects but his versatility allows him to get away from being typecast in the same role. He can transform into various characters just as easily as he changes his hair color. He is definitely one of my favorite young actors for his willingness to take risks when it comes to his character choices. I was personally impressed with his cross-dressing role in the live-action movie Princess Jellyfish, his dual role in the soul-swapping series Tamiou, and his intense dramatic skills in the films: Tomogui (Backwater) and The Light Shines Only There.

    Apparently, he doesn’t have any plans of slowing down as he is currently filming his upcoming 2017 movies: Kiseki: Sobito of That Day, Aa, Koya (Ah, Wilderness), and the live-action adaptation of the popular long-running manga Gintama.