Shinjuku Robot Restaurant: a Feast for your senses

  • Shinjuku’s most famous restaurant

    You’ve probably heard of Japan’s famous Robot Restaurant. Located in the heart of Kabukicho – part of the suburb, Shinjuku, which is famous for its vibrant nightlife – the Robot Restaurant is an increasingly popular venue for tourists visiting Tokyo.

    When you arrive at the Robot Restaurant, you’ll be ushered to a lift which will take you to one of the glitziest waiting areas you’ve ever seen – complete with a golden floor, golden seats shaped like huge shells, and lights, sparkles and glitter everywhere. Here you can order pre-show drinks while you wait.

    Next up, you will be directed to walk down several flights of stairs to take your seat for the show. This is where you’ll notice that it’s not so much a restaurant, but a stage in the middle of two sections of seats. The seats come with a small tray for your food and drink, should you choose to eat during the show. Dinner is not mandatory, as this restaurant is more of a show than a place to eat.

    Once the show begins, you’ll be treated to a sensory feast of audio-visual madness. Loud music, laser beams, lights, dancers dressed as robots as well a giant robots (real robots!) – the list goes on. It’s a modern cabaret, and there’s a story-line behind it all. Without spoiling the show, there are fight scenes between kung-fu pandas, snakes, spiders, machines and plenty of girls in sparkling costumes.

    Toward the end of the show, you’ll get the opportunity to take a photo with the giant robots, or the girls – or both. And the great thing is that they don’t charge you any extra for this. (You’re also welcome to take photos throughout the show, but videos are not allowed.)

    How to get the tickets

    How much are tickets and how do you purchase them?
    Tickets are currently around JPY7,000, discounted tickets are also easy to find. Tickets can be purchased online, and the Robot Restaurant website often has discounts.

    You can also find discount coupons via hotels, so check with your hotel and see if they have a discount. Your hotel may also be able to assist you in making a booking. If tickets have not sold out on the day, you can sometimes purchase tickets at the door.

    Meals (bento box) can be purchased in addition to the entry ticket. Drinks and other snacks such as popcorn can also be purchased before and during the show.

    Please note that there are a few rules to follow when you visit the Robot Restaurant: Avoid wearing sunglasses, costumes or large wigs. Tattoos should be covered, and customers should not be under the influence of alcohol upon arrival.

    Robot restaurant website

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