Bunny Island: the Cutest Island There Ever Was!

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    Wouldn’t you agree that bunnies are extremely cute? Well whether you do or you don’t, you must visit this so-called Rabbit Island!

    The island is actually named Okunoshima, it is very small and it is located in Hiroshima prefecture. It’s called Rabbit Island simply because quite large number of rabbits live there. These rabbits are semi-wild animals which means that they are living in the wild but they are very happy to welcome visitors! Especially if they bring them some food!

    There are two versions explaining the apparition of bunnies on the island; the first one is that rabbits were used to develop chemical weapons during World War II, however the government says that all of those rabbits were killed after they stopped the program. The second story goes that some student went on a school trip in 1971 and brought a few rabbits on the island and several years later, Okunoshima already became the Rabbit’s Island.

    Believe whatever story you want, the fact is that the rabbits do not present any danger for the island’s flora and fauna, but probably otherwise.

    Poison Gas Museum

    Of course there are not only rabbits to feed on the island, you can also enjoy a great 6-hole golf pitch and you can bring your own tent and do some camping. Moreover if you like history you should definitely visit the Poison Gas Museum. It will give you another outlook on the role of the island during the World War II, especially concerning chemical weapons.

    For the lovers of nature

    Another way to enjoy the island is to simply enjoy it’s nature with some of the most stunning beaches. Indeed, Okunoshima is a part of the Seto Island Sea National Park and therefore offers amazing views if you go hiking around!

    How to get there

    From Mihara Station (the Shinkansen Sanyo Line goes to Mihara Station) take the Kure Line to Tadanoumi station and then you’ll need to walk until the terminal where you can take a ferry that will bring you to the island in approximately 10 minutes!

    Tadanoumi station Access
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