Have the Best Time at Tokyo Dome City with These 4 Must-Try Attractions

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  • Tokyo Dome is known for staging several varieties of events all throughout the year. However, it is not only a place for international sporting events but also a destination for many attractions where children and adults can enjoy. The general entertainment and amusement park facility within Tokyo Dome City is Tokyo Dome City Attractions. It is equipped with exciting attractions and rides, as well as souvenir shops and different types of restaurants. If you’re eager to experience the fun in the place, here are 4 attractions that are worth a try.

    1. Thunder Dolphin

    If you’re searching for tall and fast roller coasters in Tokyo, then Thunder Dolphin won’t let you down. It is a steel roller coaster at a height of 80 meters constructed by Intamin, a designing and manufacturing company in Switzerland. It is a continuous circuit roller coaster with a 1,066.8-meter long course passing through the LaQua building and the Big-O. It has a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour and is built right above major roads and shopping malls in the area.

    However, in an unfortunate event in 2010, the ride was suspended due to an accident that injured a child visitor. It was only reopened in 2013.

    Located at the LaQua ZONE, Thunder Dolphin is an exhilarating ride which costs 1,030 yen per head. Height requirement is at least 130 cm. You should also be at least 8 years of age but not older than 65 years old.

    2. Big-O

    In 2006, Guinness World Records listed Big-O as the world’s largest centerless ferris wheel. Instead of being supported at the center, the wheel with a diameter of 60 meters rides in a cradle. It has no central axel, no spokes, and no internal support structure at all. Instead, it is held by side supports that look like chopsticks. It is where Thunder Dolphin passes through which makes the ride more exciting.

    The duration of the ride is 15 minutes. Everyone is allowed to ride it as there is no age requirement. However, 0 to 7-year old children should be accompanied by an adult. You are also allowed to ride this attraction even during rainy days.

    Ticket costs 820 yen per head. If you are at the highest point of Big-O, you will get a stunning panoramic view of the city. Big-O is also located in the LaQua ZONE.

    3. Wonder Drop

    If you enjoy falling from sky-high heights, then Wonder Drop is the attraction for you. It is a water slide type of ride that surprises you at the end. It starts off slow, taking you through a bamboo forest. Then your boat will dive from a height of 13 meters towards a splash of water! This is a thrilling experience for riders who are expecting water at the end of the ride.

    You have to be 110 cm tall or more if you want to experience the ride. Age requirement is 5 years old and above. Those who are 5 to 8 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult. The ride costs 620 yen per person.

    There are times when the splash of water is made stronger to add more thrill to the attraction. This ride is also available during rainy days. It is best to be prepared with waterproof clothing to prevent yourself from getting wet. But if you like the pleasure of being soaking wet with water, then go for it! This attraction is also located in the LaQua ZONE.

    4. Magical Mist

    Magical Mist is located in the SPLASH GARDEN ZONE of the attraction area. Every 30 minutes, two songs will be played accompanied by water and beautiful lighting. This is one of the magical places to bring your kids to as they are allowed to play with the fountains and enjoy the beautiful surrounding music. This will give you enough reason to bond with your kids over some water fun which you probably don’t normally do at home.

    This attraction is also considered as one of the most wonderful spots Tokyo Dome City has to offer. Everyone is invited to enjoy the fun as there’s literally no age requirement and it is for free! It is recommended to visit the attraction at night time as the lighting illuminates the fountain of water which is really magical to look at.

    Tokyo Dome City Attractions Admission

    If you want to experience many of the Tokyo Dome City Attractions easily, it would be best if you purchase the 1 Day Pass that entitles you to unlimited rides. It costs 3,900 yen for adults, 3,400 yen for 12 to 17-year-olds and senior citizens, 2,100 yen for children 6 to 11, and 1,300 yen for infants aged 3 to 5.

    If you want to ride only 5 of the Tokyo Dome City Attractions, you can also opt for the Ride 5 ticket that costs 2,600 yen. Meanwhile, the Night Pass which is available for purchase from 5:00 p.m. onwards costs 2,900 yen for adults and 2,400 yen for 12 to 17-year-olds and senior citizens. So if you’re busy in the morning, you can still enjoy the place at night time.

    There is also a special “Skip” Pass if you want to ride Thunder Dolphin immediately without having to wait in line. The Skip Pass, however, is only available during Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and other special days for 520 yen per person.

    (Prices are all inclusive of tax.)

    Tokyo Dome City Attractions has no closing days and is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. However, operating hours and attraction times might change depending on the season, event, or other unforeseen circumstances.

    With so many interesting places to visit in Tokyo, Tokyo Dome City Attractions offer the best way for people to enjoy. It has a lot of services that targets every visitor’s satisfaction. There are many local people as well as tourists who come to the place so don’t be surprised if you’ll be seeing a lot of them resting on benches after exhausted from all the rides.

    If you want to have a fun-filled day with your family, co-workers, or friends, then these attractions are definitely the answer!

    Tokyo Dome City Website

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