Effective both for health and beauty! Basic Knowledge on “Onsen” – the hot springs that the Japanese love.

  • HOW TO
  • “Onsen” is a word used to refer to a place where hot water springs from underground.
    Due to Japan having many volcanoes, the Japanese are very familiar with hot springs – there are about 3000 hot spring areas all over the country.

    What are “Onsen”?

    In Japan, the main way of bathing in a hot spring is entering the water completely and relaxing in it, but there are also many other ways, such as putting just your feet in the hot water, also called “ashiyu,” or “utaseyu,” which consists in standing under hot water that pours from above.
    “Roten-buro,” or open air baths, are also very popular.

    Hot spring water has many components of natural origin, which make it effective in recovering from exhaustion or as a treatment neuralgia, poor blood circulation, or beauty, among many others. Both men and women love hot springs.
    Hakone, Kusatsu, and Beppu are famous hot spring areas that many people visit.

    Famous place

    Kanto:Hakone, Kusatsu, Kinugawa, Ikaho, Shirahone
    Kansai:Arima, Kinosaki, Wakura, Kaga, Shirahama
    Kyushu:Yuhuin, Beppu, Ibusuki, Kurokawa, Kirishima


    Wash your body and hair thoroughly before entering the bathtub. Enter the water once you are clean.
    Do not put your towel inside the bathtub.
    Wipe the water off your body before you go back into the changing room.
    It is forbidden to take pictures.

    At the end

    Soaking in hot water relaxedly in a large bathtub feels exceptionally good.
    Experiencing a hot spring bath is a very popular activity among people from overseas, so make sure you give it a shot!