A Drone and Robotics Course for High School Students? Only in Japan!

  • Courses such as the drone and robotics course are specialized fields involving a wide range of knowledge and expertise. They are seen as fairly important programs in the rapidly growing technology industry of Japan. In line with this, a private high school in Japan, Vantan, has recently announced that they will be offering a new high school course dedicated to drone and robotics. It is going to be a three-year program that will kick off in April 2017 and is open to graduating junior high school students, existing Vantan learners, and other high school students willing to transfer to the school.

    Drone and Robotics Course

    Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which are aircrafts without a human pilot on board. These drones are becoming more and more popular these days. Some of them are either remote-controlled by human operators, while others are fully or intermittently autonomous. Their origin came from military applications but soon expanded into commercial, scientific, agricultural, and even recreational purpose.

    Drones are used for aerial photography, delivery, agricultural spraying, as well as exchanging videos and data. The radio signal can either be issued from ground control, a remote network system, or another aircraft. Full autonomy is available for particular tasks such as airborne refueling or ground-based battery switching.

    Other drones are used for greater computing, sensing, and actuating capacities. Civilian drones actually outnumber military ones as they are becoming more and more common in public places nowadays. They are even set to become the next booming technology artifact soon. Despite this fact, however, there’s still a few number of drone operators in Japan. This is the reason why drone courses have been started.

    The drone course is generally offered to people who want to become professional drone pilots. The course usually includes an introduction to drones, assembly, configuration, flight modes, programming and scripting, and application development for drones and robots. The robotics course, on the other hand, introduces you to the concept of robot flight and movement, how robots perceive their surroundings, and how they adjust their movements to prevent hindrances and navigate difficult terrains. It also helps you learn how they are able to accomplish complex tasks and perform a variety of movements from flying to grasping objects.

    The drone and robotics course is a combination of the two courses. Vantan High School’s Drone and Robotics curriculum will include piloting, maintenance, inspection, aviation of radio laws, and computer programming for system upgrades.

    About Vantan Schools

    Vantan Inc. is the group company behind the various Vantan schools in Japan. The first Vantan school, Vantan Design Institute (バンタンデザイン研究所), was founded in 1965 and has already achieved worldwide recognition. In 1969, it was followed by the opening of the Vantan Career School (バンタンキャリアスクール) which is now also under the Vantan Design Institute. Then in 1991, the Vantan Cyber Information Institute (バンタン電脳ゲーム学院 – now the Vantan Game Academy – バンタンゲームアカデミー) also opened. From 1998 to 2012, Vantan kept expanding and introduced more schools such as the L’Ecole Vantan (レコールバンタン – 1998), Venus Academy (ヴィーナスアカデミー – 2004), and the Vantan Design Institute High School (2012). It was only in 2014 when the Vantan High School that is about to offer the Drone and Robotics Course to senior high school students opened.

    The Vantan schools have locations in Tokyo (東京) and in Osaka (大阪), but the Drone and Robotics Course for senior high will only be offered in Tokyo. All of the school instructors are professionals in the active field which follows their trademark, “Learning from professionals to become a professional.” You will directly learn the latest skills from Japan’s top creative professionals. All of the classes are limited to a number of students so that every student can be taught according to their individuality.

    Some Vantan schools, such as the Vantan Design Institute, also accept students from overseas to provide opportunities to people who are living outside of Japan to learn about the country’s latest designs. However, classes are generally taught in Japanese so it is very important for students to communicate in the language.

    The New Drone and Robotics Course in Vantan High School

    Vantan highly believes that the number of human resources piloting drones is still very low. Because of this, Vantan High School will start offering a Drone and Robotics Course to senior high school students which is a program mainly focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics. It is going to be a three-year course which will include software and hardware design, maintenance, operation, and related aviation regulations. The school will be providing an in-depth knowledge towards unmanned aerial vehicles by providing UAV-related theories and technologies.

    Vantan High School’s Drone and Robotics Course (Japanese only) is one of those rare courses which offer both fun and serious learning. Since Japanese senior high schools are not compulsory as compared to other countries, flexibility in the style of teaching is very common. The high school environment in Vantan is unlike any other vocational schools. It is highly structured and provides a slow but in-depth education. With the booming development of UAV technologies, this course is surely going to lead students down to a promising career.

    Vantan High School Website *Japanese only
    Vantan Group Schools Website *Japanese only

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