How Crazy and Sexy Was Halloween 2016 in Japan? Find Out With These 13 Photos!

  • 18 More Photos to Show How Crazy and Interesting Halloween 2016 in Japan Was!

    Do you know that Halloween is a big crazy event in Japan nowadays? From small parties to gatherings in the streets of big cities – lots of various Halloween events are held and an insane number of people join them. Let’s check out a quick recap of Halloween 2016 in Japan with these 13 pictures!

    How many people gathered for Halloween 2016?

    This was in Shibuya.



    As you can probably tell, a lot of people joined the Halloween fun around the area and most of them were in costumes.

    The streets were jam-packed and busy!

    Check out these interesting costumes!

    From creative children’s costumes to the downright weird and creepy ones, here are some of the eye-catching Halloween 2016 costumes across Japan.

    To start off, of course, no Halloween in Japan is ever complete without the kawaii girls in their kawaii and sexy costumes.


    Ladies, where are your grooms?



    Nurse, am I in heaven?


    Happy Halloween from these Roppongi girls!

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    HAPPY HALLOWEENでした🎃💜👻🖤🍭❤️昨晩は親友2人と、バニーガールちゃん🐰🎀👯に変身して六本木と二丁目でハロウィンパーティーしたよ🕷🍷💓といっても、ただのいつものわたしの日常にバニーガールの格好をしているだけですが😂💗(笑)夕飯火鍋食べに行ったけど、火鍋屋で仮装してるひと1人もいなかったよ😂😂😂(笑)そして、仮装して二丁目いくあたりが本当にわたしらって感じですね😂🍒🍒(笑)今年はディズニーハロウィンもできなかったし、急遽決まった昨晩のハロウィンパーティーですが、すっごく楽しかった😻😻😻💘💘次コスプレできるのはいつかな☺️👗 最後の二枚は、去年のハロウィンとあきらとやったフライングハロウィン🎃👻(笑)去年はヘアメイクアップアーティストのわたし、プロの根性みせて本気出し過ぎて逆に浮きまくりでした😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️(笑)(笑)(笑)昨晩はエロ可愛い路線で攻めたけど、こういうメイクも得意だし大好きよ💄👄👀✨ . #happyhalloween #halloween #halloweenparty #halloween2017 #bunnygirl #bunny #bunnycostume #roppongi #roppongiartnight #roppongihalloween #shinjuku #shinjukunichome #shinjuku2chome #gaytown #六本木 #新宿 #新宿二丁目 #ハロウィン #ハッピーハロウィン #バニーガール #ハロウィン仮装 #ハロウィン2017

    ❤️🦋さん(@cottoncandy110xx)がシェアした投稿 –

    More photos of these sexy ladies below!


    There’s no better way to express your love for designer bags than to be one yourself, right?


    Move away, people! A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming through!



    Even toy company TAKARA TOMY went all out with their Halloween costumes.



    Even US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made an appearance in Japan’s Halloween festivities. (Well, their amicable versions that is.)


    Here are some of those who dressed up as characters from famous anime…


    A bunch of girl zombies.


    “Want some?”



    *jaw drops* Whatever this creature might be, awesome costume and makeup skills, agree?


    We told you there’ll be more!


    Some girls posing for a picture in front of the famous SHIBUYA109.

    With all these photos that perfectly capture how Halloween is celebrated in Japan, who wouldn’t want to join in the fun? For those who missed Halloween 2016, don’t fret as it is an annual event so there surely will be many more events for the following Halloweens. Just make sure to schedule your trip to Japan around the end of October so you don’t miss out on this unique experience!

    18 More Photos to Show How Crazy and Interesting Halloween 2016 in Japan Was!

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