Find Your Soulmate While Catching Pokémon at This Event in Japan!

  • Pokémon GO undoubtedly is a popular game not only in Japan but also around the world. It is a free-to-play, location-based reality game which successfully attracted so many people of different ages. Although the ultimate goal of the game is to catch, battle, and train Pokémon which are virtual creatures, it also allows people to interact and find new friends. In line with this, matchmaking events were started in Japan in order to allow single people not only to join and play the game but have the chance to meet their special someone.

    About the Game

    Pokémon GO was initially released in Japan in July 2016. It was developed by Niantic, Inc., an American software development company located in San Francisco, California. The game requires players to use their mobile devices’ GPS in order to locate Pokémon in real-life locations.

    To play the game, you have to make your own avatar by choosing your hair, skin color, eye color, outfit, and style. After which, your player will be displayed on a map using your geographic location. The map includes Pokéstops (areas where you can find potions which can be used to attract wild Pokémon) and Pokégyms (areas which serve as a battleground for several matches). These two spots are usually located in places of interest so expect a huge crowd of people playing the game at your area’s popular landmarks.

    Capturing a Pokémon entails the right force, right time, and type of Poké Ball used. You can also take screenshots of the Pokémon you capture as if you have actually encountered them. Though the game had some technical issues during its launch, it was apparently praised by many people due to its game concept. Within just a month of its release, more than 130 million people worldwide already downloaded the game which made it a global phenomenon. However, the game faced controversial issues such as causing accidents to some players and contributing to public nuisance. As a result of this, certain laws relating to Pokémon GO were passed in some countries such as banning of the game.

    What is a Gokon?

    Gokon” is a Japanese word for “group matchmaking” or “group blind dates” where men and women meet each other in order to find a potential partner. Most of the time, it is done in a drinking party which can be an informal way of meeting people. This is very common for single people in Japan who are hoping to find their true match through the event. Though it can be an uncomfortable experience, it somehow offers a whole lot of fun.

    In the Japanese society, gokon starts as early as university life where students form groups or circles where boys and girls can mingle and get together. This practice is then continued into the working world. These group dates are actually fun and friendly affairs in which you can also invite your friends to join. Those who like each other will ultimately pair off at the end of the night. In a busy place where people are usually focused on work and career, gokon is a real hit.

    In relationships, if you get too clingy or close at the beginning, there’s a possibility that your partner would run away or you can be deemed as a weirdo. Such events as the gokon become a solution to this where you get to know the person first before getting hitched. However, things can sometimes get out of hand especially when girls get drunk and harassed by men so it is important to take heed of such situations.

    Pokémon Gokon

    Pokémon Gokon is a matchmaking event where Pokémon GO players meet each other while still “catching ’em all.” It is a new style of matchmaking which allows players to catch both Pokémon and their possible soulmate. This event was started by ena Ltd. with the first event held last August 17, 2016 at Hibiya Park, a relaxing and spacious place in Tokyo. It was attended by several players who mostly booked the event in advance online.

    In Japan, women are always discounted during gokon. The ticket for the Pokémon Gokon costs 2,000 yen for men and 1,000 yen for women. If you are not able to book the event online, you may do so on the day itself but the cost would be higher (3,000 yen for men and 1,500 yen for women). Players just need to sign up via the LINE chat application then they can immediately look for a partner while looking for Pokémon.

    Participants are digitally marked on the game making it easy for players to find those who are attending. It was meant to save the lonely singles. It is also quite easy to start a conversation with people who have the same interests.

    The best part comes after the game where everyone is gathered together for a drinking event. It is an exciting way to have new encounters and have a chat with people of interest whom you cannot talk to during the game. The experience is said to be efficient and simple with an added form of entertainment which is not too formal. You can definitely enjoy drinking with everyone you meet during the game. Who knows? You might just find your forever love.

    Another Pokémon Gokon event was held in Osaka last August 27, 2016. Other future events are being planned to be held around the area of Tokyo such as at Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park, and Inokashira Park.

    Finding your one true love is truly a difficult task, but giving it a try by joining Pokémon Gokon events in the country might just be your luck. It will give you the chance to actively meet more people thus increasing the probability that someone out there will be your match. The more events you attend, the higher the probability. It is one of the easiest ways to make friends and develop relationships. You also get the chance to visit places of interest! This is a great solution for those who are lonely and has the Pokémon bug. The organizers are encouraging single people out there to join the upcoming events. What are you waiting for? Check their website to know about upcoming events so that you could join!

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