6 best places to visit in Kawasaki, Japan.

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  • Since I have already lived in Kawasaki for almost a decade now, I already know a lot of places here and in this post I will share and introduce it to all of you ,there are plenty of places in Kawasaki that are worth a visit, plan a small kawasaki city trip for your vacation! My recommendations are listed below.


    Kawasaki Daishi

    Kawasaki Daishi Temple was founded in 1128 and remain the head temple of the Chizan sect of Japan’s Shingon Buddhism. Like many structures in Japan, the temple was destroyed in World War II, but rebuilt after the war in the original style of the Heian Period. The main gate and the five-story pagoda were reconstructed in the 1970s and 1980s.

    [Walking distance] from Keikyu Kawasaki daishi Station/ 8-min. walk.
    Kawasaki Daishi website

    Taro Okamoto Museum

    This museum celebrates the art of Taro Okamoto.
    The museum is surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. It is also nearby the Japan Open-Air Folk House Outdoor Museum, Youth Nature Museum & the remains of Masukata Castle. The park that houses this unique cultural zone is very nice, so you can take a picnic or enjoy food from one of the restaurants or food stalls.

    The really nice and modern museum features various galleries of local history and local modern technology, film and video library and theatre.
    Museum has shops with both souvenirs and local history books and an open air cafe.
    This is a fantastic museum for Okamoto fans and a great place to be introduced to his work if you don’t already know him.

    Taro Okamoto Museum website

    Toshiba Science Museum

    You can see the outline of the Toshiba Future Science Museum, they introduce their concept and history to date. When going to Toshiba Science Museum, visitors can learn and experience the history of Toshiba Group for those who want to know and love the latest technology of Toshiba products, as well as environmental, energy-related, social infrastructure, semiconductors, digital products and other cutting-edge technology that will shape future society and lifestyles.

    Toshiba Science Museum website

    La Cittadella

    La Cittadella is a complex of shops, restaurants, cafe, movie theaters and other entertainments, but not like other shopping malls of huge size, it is relatively compact, cozy, and stylish. I suppose it is a unique place in Japan, worth to visit. La Cittadella is a few minutes walk from Kawasaki JR station. There is a cinema and several restaurants catering to a variety of tastes. A Billards / darts bar is also in the area. The Italian inspired architecture is a bit of an escape from the usual bland buildings in the area. The best part about this complex is its multicolored building with crystal balls hanging. This place has a musical fountain show happening every evening outside the building, which is too good, One of the go to places in the evening in Kawasaki.. the location is also very romantic and pleasant.

    La Cittadella website *Japanese only

    Kawasaki Lazona

    Lazona is a 5 story mall located in Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki. The building adjoins Kawasaki Station, which is operated by the JR East railway company, and it is a three-minute walk from Keikyu Kawasaki Station which connects the city to Shinagawa.

    according to japantravel.com
    Lazona was built in 2006 with a desire to create an American-style shopping center in the suburbs of Tokyo. The structure of the building consists of five circular floors located around a big plaza in which visitors are encouraged to take a seat under the shadow of a tree and relax in between waves of shopping.Lazona counts over 300 stores, most of which are located on the first three floors. Among these shops are international clothing brands like Zara, Gap, American Eagle Outfitters, Lacoste, Diesel and The North Face, but also traditional kimono shops. All of them are run by screaming ladies that will try to catch your attention at any cost.

    Lazona website

    Korea Town

    Each end of the Cement Street bears a Korea Town Gate. There are around 20 Korean barbecue restaurants and Korean food markets in this neighborhood, and many Koreans have made their home here since 1999.



    (Guiness world record shortest escalator located in Kawasaki Azalea Basement of More’s department store).

    Some of you don’t know about this, but the Guinness world record holder for the shortest escalator was found in Kawasaki, Japan. The record-holding height of the escalator is 83.4 cm, a distance equivalent to 2.7 feet, or the height of a 3-year-old girl wearing roller skates (not recommended). The staircase located directly next to the escalator contains 5 steps. Using the stopwatch function on my cell phone, one trip on the escalator takes an average of 4.6 seconds or slightly longer than it takes to walk down the aforementioned staircase at a brisk pace. The majority of the people passing by, who I can only assume have ridden it enough times in the past seem to still be testing it regularly.